Healthy PicksHerbal Teas That Work as NSAIDs

Herbal Teas That Work as NSAIDs

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs — that’s what NSAIDs stand for, and they are taken to reduce inflammation as well as pain and fever. Unfortunately, there are so many different side effects and risks associated with the intake of high doses of NSAIDs and for extended periods of time. Fortunately, there are herbal teas that work just like them.

Gastric bleeding, high blood pressure, and kidney and liver problems are some of the most serious side effects and risks NSAIDs are known to bring. And that’s why if it is your habit to pop them in your mouth each time that you are being bugged by a headache or joint pain, it’s a good idea to think twice before you take NSAIDs.

Especially if the inflammation and pain you are experiencing is rather mild, it’s a good idea for you to simply go for some all-natural alternatives to NSAIDs, and some of the most impressive ones are herbal teas. See which of the following can effectively provide you with much-needed relief without taking NSAIDs and putting up risks and side effects:

Peppermint Tea

So many people are familiar with the fact that peppermint tea is a wonderful remedy for nausea and indigestion. Did you know that it’s also something that you may take if you are bugged by painful and swollen joints? Scientists say that peppermint tea is just as effective as aspirin, which is a popular type of NSAID.

Eucalyptus Tea

Just like peppermint tea, eucalyptus tea is not only good for dealing with issues related to the stomach, but also inflammatory ones. In making a serving of eucalyptus tea, you may brew a couple of fresh leaves in hot water. You may also simply add a few drops therapeutic-grade eucalyptus essential oil in a cup of hot water.

Ginger Tea

Another popular remedy for an assortment of stomach issues that also double as an anti-inflammatory agent is ginger tea. Actually, numerous scientific investigations have proven that the simple intake of ginger tea is very good at easing long-term or chronic inflammatory conditions of the body.

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Turmeric Tea

Because it is related to ginger, it doesn’t come as a shock why turmeric is also very good at combating inflammation. In fact, there are a lot of topical creams and gels for joint pain and swelling that contain turmeric in it. And this is why consuming a cup of turmeric tea can help you attain healing without the need to take NSAIDs.

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Licorice Root Tea

For hundreds and hundreds of years now, traditional healers recommend licorice root for battling pain and inflammation, and that’s why a cup of it in tea form can serve as a replacement for NSAIDs. By the way, licorice root tea is also proven effective for detoxifying the body, reducing PMS symptoms and easing stomach problems.

Dandelion Tea

If you’re suffering from chronic inflammation and worried that your constant intake of NSAIDs is ruining your health, consider relying on dandelion tea which possesses amazing anti-inflammatory properties, experts say. The said herbal beverage is also known to help flush out toxins, which contributes to the reduction of inflammation.

CAUTION: Herbal teas are never meant to replace medications prescribed by your doctor, including NSAIDs. If you are planning on using the above mentioned herbal teas to relieve inflammation, pain and/or fever, make sure that you inform your doctor about it first. This is true if you have a known medical condition, or you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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