Healthy PicksHerbal Teas That Work Just Like Antacids

Herbal Teas That Work Just Like Antacids

Antacids are over-the-counter drugs that are taken for neutralizing excess acid in the stomach. So in other words, they are taken during a bout of heartburn that can be due to hyperacidity, acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Did you know that there are also herbal teas around that work just as good as antacids?

While it’s true that antacids can provide almost immediate relief because they are very good at zapping stomach acid, their intake can actually come with some side effects, depending on their active ingredients. For instance, some antacids can cause diarrhea while others can leave you constipated.

Experts say that the regular intake of antacids, especially in higher doses, to help deal with heartburn can lead to what’s known as rebound hyperacidity — when you suddenly stop taking antacids, your hyperacidity can come back with a vengeance, usually so much stronger than when you started your long-term intake of high doses of antacids.

Worried that your regular dependence on antacids can wreak havoc to your health one day? Continue reading. Below you will find a short listing of herbal teas that are known to possess amazing antacid properties. See which of the following can help provide relief from heartburn that hyperacidity, acid reflux or GERD brings:

Ginger Tea

One very popular all-natural remedy for various problems concerning the stomach is the intake of ginger tea. If you are often pestered by hyperacidity, then you may consume a cup of it — it is capable of absorbing excess stomach acid, plus it also helps soothe the smooth muscles of your gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

Turmeric Tea

Because it’s a cousin to ginger, it’s no wonder why turmeric is also a great herbal solution for hyperacidity. To make a cup of turmeric tea, simply add half a teaspoon of turmeric in hot water. What’s so nice about turmeric tea is it has incredible anti-inflammatory properties that make it superb in dealing with various inflammatory issues of the body.

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Chamomile Tea

A lot of people who are battling anxiety and insomnia take chamomile tea. Did you know that this herbal tea may also be taken in place of your trusted antacids? Experts say that if your hyperacidity is brought about by stress, then you can benefit tremendously from the intake of a freshly-brewed cup of chamomile tea.

Fennel Tea

Constantly suffering from hyperacidity due to acid reflux? Then it’s a good idea to brew yourself a cup of fennel tea and drink it right after having a meal. Fennel tea is admired for its ability to keep acid reflux from striking. By the way, you may also consume a cup of it if you are suffering from those very uncomfortable abdominal spasms.

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Slippery Elm Tea

Most especially if your reason for taking antacids is acid reflux or GERD, then it’s a wonderful idea for you to try a cup of slippery elm tea each time. It contains mucilage that coats the inner lining of your GI tract, thus reducing the unfavorable effects of too much stomach acid. An alternative to slippery elm tea is marshmallow tea.

Catnip Tea

Even though catnip is popular for driving our feline pals exhilarated, it’s actually something that you may count on each time you are experiencing hyperacidity. In tea form, catnip is said to help in neutralizing excess stomach acid. What’s more, catnip tea helps calm the mind so that it can keep you from panicking when hyperacidity strikes.

CAUTION: Take note that herbal teas are not meant to replace pharmaceutical drugs, OTC and prescription alike. If you are constantly bugged by hyperacidity, it’s a good idea to seek the help of a gastroenterologist — someone who is specializing in identifying and treating various problems concerning the GI tract.

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