Herbal Teas That Help Prepare You for the Cold and Flu Season

When the air feels chilly and smells like pumpkin pie, it’s a sign that the coldest parts of the year are here. It’s also a forewarning that everyone should start strengthening their immune systems as various upper respiratory tract infections are going to be rampant. One way to get ready for the cold and flu season is by drinking certain herbal teas.

Everyone knows that the consumption of vitamin C-rich foods, regular exercise and plenty of sleep are all excellent ways of boosting one’s immunity. However, not too many people are aware that there are also numerous herbal teas that assist in making the body more resistant to attacking bacteria and viruses.

So when the days get shorter and the temperature gets colder, it’s a good idea for you to start thinking about warding off the common cold and flu by having your immune system bolstered with herbal teas. The following are some of those that you may try brewing and consuming for your utmost protection during the cold and flu season:

Ginger Tea

Although it is a very popular home remedy for morning sickness and nausea, ginger tea is actually a marvelous booster of the immune system. And just in case you end up with the cold or flu, go ahead and have a cup of ginger tea as it will provide relief from the various signs and symptoms an upper respiratory tract infection brings.

Cayenne Pepper Tea

If you love anything spicy, then you are going to have a wonderful time drinking cayenne pepper tea. Just like ginger tea, a cup of it is very good at making your immune system strong. And whether the season is making your nose dry or congested, inhaling its steam can help provide much-needed relief.

Sage Tea

Thanks to the antimicrobial properties of sage, drinking a cup of it can help in considerably lowering your risk of having the common cold or flu. One of the many uncomfortable things that the cold and flu season brings is throat irritation, and it’s something that a freshly-brewed cup of sage tea can help alleviate so effectively.

Boneset Tea

Native Americans have long discovered the immune-boosting properties of boneset tea. This herbal drink is packed with vitamins and minerals like vitamin C and zinc, both of which help increase the body’s resistance. Boneset tea helps in relieving joint pain and swelling, too, which many experience as the days get colder and colder.

Echinacea Tea

You can easily purchase echinacea tea from health food stores online and offline. If you are prone to going down with the cold or flu, then having a cup of it on a regular basis can be beneficial. That’s because echinacea tea is revered for its ability to make the immune system remorseless against invading bacteria and viruses.

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