Healthy Picks Herbal Teas That Help Keep the Kidneys Healthy

Herbal Teas That Help Keep the Kidneys Healthy

Your kidneys produce urine in order to flush toxins and various waste products out of the body. These bean-shaped organs also help in regulating the blood pressure, ion concentrations and the body’s pH levels. Certain hormones are also released by your kidneys. Indeed, it’s very important for your kidneys to stay in an excellent condition.

Opting for a healthy diet and lifestyle is a great way to keep your kidneys out of harm’s way. Then there are also many different herbal teas that you may consume to keep them functioning optimally. So without further ado, here are some of those herbal drinks that can help save various kidney problems from striking:

Dandelion Tea

There are a couple of reasons why dandelion tea is excellent for your kidneys. First, it helps increase urine production, making sure that microbes and poisonous substances are constantly kept out of your kidneys. Second, dandelion tea is known to help dissolve kidney stones, thus keeping them from getting bigger.

Banaba Tea

Very popular in Southeast Asia and India, banaba tea is a well-known traditional remedy for a urinary tract infection or UTI. That’s because it helps in removing infection-causing bacteria in the urinary system by encouraging more urine to be produced. This herbal drink is also said to be beneficial for those with kidney stones.

Parsley Tea

Another healthy drink that may be consumed to ensure that no microbe or any other unwanted substance remains in the kidneys, bladder and other parts of the excretory system is parsley tea. Other than consuming it in tea form, you may also include more parsley in your diet to keep your kidneys healthy.

Goldenrod Tea

For so many years now, Native Americans have been relying on goldenrod tea for keeping various types of kidney problems at bay. Just like the first two herbal teas already mentioned, it works by prompting the kidneys to produce more urine, thus sweeping out microbes and other toxic substances. 

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Hydrangea Root Tea

There is another herbal drink that Native Americans take to safeguard their kidneys from harm, and that’s hydrangea root tea. It’s also an all-natural beverage that is known to facilitate the passing of kidney stones — hydrangea root tea smoothes the edges of kidney stones, thus making it easier and less painful for them to be flushed out.

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Turmeric Tea

Last but not least, you may also brew yourself a cup of turmeric tea if you want to ensure that your kidneys are working optimally. Because of its amazing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it’s something that can help ward off issues that can lead to a host of kidney problems.

CAUTION: The intake of some herbal teas is a no-no for those who have existing kidney disease. If you happen to be one of those people, make sure that you let your doctor know about your plan on taking any herbal tea for any therapeutic purpose. The same is true if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or have a known medical condition.

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