Green tea, black tea and other caffeinated teas are actually bad for you if you have IBS. That’s because their caffeine content aggravate the various symptoms associated with the said disorder that affects the large intestine or colon. On the other hand, some herbal teas are in fact beneficial for controlling your IBS symptoms.

What makes certain herbal teas very good for IBS management other than being devoid of caffeine is the fact that many of them have the ability of reducing inflammation and spasm of the large intestine. Some of these herbal drinks have the power to reduce stress, which is something that can cause flare-ups.

Annoyed that your IBS is acting up? Don’t freak out too much about it because that will only make matters worse. What you need to do instead is continue reading. The following are some herbal teas that are good for somebody like you who has IBS. See which of the following can offer much-needed relief from IBS:

Chamomile Tea

If your IBS flare-ups are commonly due to stress, then it’s a wonderful idea for you to rely on a cup of chamomile tea. Not only will this herbal beverage help lower your stress levels, but also manage excess gas and abdominal spasms. Especially when your IBS tends to act up at night, drinking this before bedtime can help you catch some Z’s.

Peppermint Tea

Because of its ability to considerably improve the process of digestion, peppermint tea can help in keeping the many IBS symptoms from striking. The best time to have a cup of it is right after a meal, most especially if you accidentally consumed trigger foods. Peppermint tea can also come in handy if your IBS is causing trouble at night.

Fennel Tea

Another super effective drink for dealing with IBS is fennel tea. Making this particular herbal drink so beneficial for anyone with IBS is its ability to get rid of excess gas, which can leave the person experiencing abdominal pain and bloating. Just like peppermint tea, it’s after having your meal when you may fully benefit from a cup of fennel tea.

Thyme Tea

You may also brew yourself a cup of thyme tea after eating to make sure that no IBS symptom will ruin your day. This herbal beverage assists your stomach in properly digesting food, thus helping to keep IBS from striking. Thyme tea also possesses amazing anti-spasmodic properties, and that’s why it can keep you from having abdominal spasms.

Star Anise Tea

Brewing yourself a cup of star anise tea is an excellent idea if your IBS is acting up and your tummy seems to be packed with gas. This herbal drink is especially beneficial if you’re the kind of IBS sufferer who experiences constipation as it has mild laxative properties. But if your IBS leaves you with diarrhea, better stay away from a cup of star anise tea.

Lemon Balm Tea

Its name alone is a testament that it’s a wonderful soother of the various symptoms associated with IBS. If you are looking for an all-natural way to relax when your IBS is making its presence known, then have a cup of lemon balm tea. This herbal drink can help make those uncomfortable abdominal spasms go away effectively.

Ginger Tea

Last but not least, you should also consider having a cup of ginger tea each time your IBS is acting up. That’s because it is a powerful anti-inflammatory beverage, not to mention that it also helps improve digestion. As you can see, ginger tea is not only good if you are having an upset stomach, but also when experiencing a terrible IBS flare-up.

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