Herbal Teas That Act Just Like Anxiolytics

In simple terms, anxiolytics are drugs that treat and inhibit the various symptoms of anxiety. If you have anxiety and you are wary of taking pharmaceutical drugs for it, then continue reading. This article will let you know some herbal teas proven to have amazing anxiolytics properties.

The problem with anxiolytics is that they can come with various side effects and risks. Many of them, too, can be quite addicting, and you may have a hard time taking them away from your life. And if you try to quit them abruptly, all sorts of withdrawal symptoms may be experienced. Not so very helpful, are they?

If you want to deal with your anxiety in a more-natural approach, then try certain herbal teas that are known to be very good at relieving anxiety and the various symptoms it comes with. Here are some herbal teas that you may try to help put your anxiety under control in a more natural fashion:

Passionflower Tea

When it comes to natural remedies for anxiety, it seems like passionflower is the one to beat. And that’s why consuming it in tea form is said to be very effective at controlling the symptoms of anxiety and keeping them at bay. Actually, some experts regard passionflower tea as a medicinal tea and not an herbal tea due to its superb anxiolytic properties.

Holy Basil Tea

The consumption of holy basil tea for managing anxiety actually stems from Ayurvedic healing, which is a type of medicine established in India thousands of years ago. Also known as tulsi tea, holy basil tea is revered for its ability to naturally treat not only anxiety, but also depression — and there are many scientific evidences supporting it.

Chamomile Tea

Having a hard time getting your hands on passionflower tea and holy basil tea? Worry not because you can simply rely on chamomile tea which is available practically everywhere you look. Thanks to its mild anxiolytic properties, you can attain immediate relaxation of both your mind and body after consuming a freshly-brewed cup of it.

Lemon Balm Tea

Another herbal tea known to have anxiolytic properties that you can easily obtain these days is lemon balm tea. In weak doses, it’s known to get rid of those anxious thoughts and the physical symptoms that they bring. In high doses, however, lemon balm tea can be used as a replacement for coffee because it’s known to provide alertness.

Peppermint Tea

Everyone knows that a cup of peppermint tea is a superb all-natural remedy for indigestion and nausea. Are you aware that it’s also beneficial for individuals with anxiety? Especially if your bouts of anxiety is leaving your muscles feeling tensed, then drinking a cup of peppermint tea can help you attain much-needed calmness.

Rose Tea

Great smelling and tasting, the consumption of rose tea can help relax your body and mind without the need to pop an anxiolytic in your mouth. Experts say that rose tea is especially beneficial if your anxiety is robbing you of a good night’s sleep — taken before you hop into bed, this herbal tea can help you fall asleep without any trouble.

Valerian Root Tea

Speaking of trouble falling asleep, there is a very popular herbal tea for insomnia that a lot of people with anxiety also count on, and it is called valerian root tea. Because it makes you feel sleepy, it can make those anxious thoughts go away. However, taking it is not a good idea before driving or using a piece of machinery.

CAUTION: Herbal teas should not be used for replacing medications and the treatment course recommended by a specialist. If you wish to rely on herbal teas to put your anxiety under control, it’s a good idea for you to ask your doctor about it first in order to avoid complications. You should also do the same if you are pregnant.

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