Helpful Tips when Practicing Mindful Eating

With the coming of the holiday season, you’re probably looking at your calendar of events and noticed that you’re invited to several parties already. We all know what this means, and that is seeing our weight creep up slowly in the weighing scale. This is a vicious cycle on our part since after the holidays, we often make resolutions to lose weight as soon as possible. But why worry about losing weight when you can keep your weight steady even when you have to go through those calorie laden parties?

You’re probably aware of what mindfulness is all about which is a practice where you pay attention to the moment on hand rather than your mind wandering somewhere else. Mindfulness teaches you to be aware of these preoccupied moments so that you will be able to bring you back to the now. In terms of your eating habits, you can still apply mindfulness to it so you will not have to worry about weight gain at all. Here are a few tips on how you can achieve it.

Sit down

When it comes to mindfulness eating, it is always a good idea to sit down while you eat. The problem with eating standing up is that your mind is not focused on what you are eating because you are distracted. Sitting down and focusing on your food is a much better approach to practicing mindfulness eating.

Don’t watch TV

Another trick to practicing mindfulness eating is don’t turn your TV on when you are eating. You might think that you are giving yourself time to relax at home by eating and watching at the same time. Unfortunately, your mind is not really on your food when you are doing this because your mind is already focused on what you are watching. This can lead to eating more than is necessary.

Use a smaller plate

What other tips do you need to consider when it comes to mindful eating? Well, if you are determined to fight off the weight gain, you can start by using a smaller plate instead. Using smaller plates can help you with your portion control eating which can come in handy especially if you will be attending several parties. Seeing a small plate can also curb your appetite.

Prepare meals beforehand

Since the holiday season is just a few months away, now is the good time to start with your mindfulness eating. One tip here is to prepare your meals before hand so that you will be able to limit your food consumption to what you need. This is also useful if you are working where there is a huge chance that you will be eating constantly because of stress. By preparing your food ahead of time, it will be easier for you to keep your hunger at bay.

Chew slowly

Another trick to mindfulness eating is that you should chew your food slowly. The problem with us is that we eat, we simply chew our food in a quick manner because we are in a rush to finish our work. Unfortunately, this can trigger indigestion and bloating even. Chewing slowly gives you more time to focus on the food that you are eating and knowing when your stomach is full already or not.

These are just a few tips on how mindfulness eating works. As you can see, paying attention to what you are eating can actually help you fight off your weight gain especially during the holiday season. Although it may be difficult at first, you will be able to get it right if you practice mindfulness eating every day.

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