Healthy Picks Health Tips to Start Your Week Right

Health Tips to Start Your Week Right

Another week is about to start and you’re probably feeling stress slowly creeping as Monday approaches. This is quite understandable especially when we have those off days at time. But instead of letting the blues take over your week, why not jumpstart your week for a better and healthier you?

It’s not really that hard to turn the tables on yet another stressful week especially when you make a few changes to your daily routine. As a matter of fact, here are a few tips that you can try to make your week a bit better than before.

  • Think that you’re getting better every day. It’s understandable that you’ll feel depressed at times especially when you’ve just experienced constant setbacks in your work, at home, and life in general but it pays to think that you’re actually getting better in every way, every day. Look at all the setbacks as tools for learning which can help you improve yourself and you’ll feel better in no time.
  • Have breakfast. Taking the time to actually sit down and eat a nourishing breakfast before going to work is also one way to make your day start well. Use this moment to actually enjoy your food and the time you have to yourself before stepping outside your home and immersing yourself in your work.
  • Learn to let go. We often feel frustrated and stressed when things don’t go the way we want them to but no matter how hard you wrack your brains on the what ifs, you are not really doing yourself any favor. Learning the art of letting go is one way to help yourself move past the mistakes that you’ve made yesterday so that your today will become a whole new day to start all over again.
  • Take a breather. It is understandable that you want to finish your work before the day ends so you push yourself. Although this works for others, if you’re feeling frustrated with the lack of progress in your work, allow yourself a breather. Take a step back and re-assess your current work before jumping right back in. You can also take a turn down the street to help clear your mind. Trust me, this actually works.
  • Find your mantra. There are times when speaking a motivational mantra can inspire you to do better. Remember Dory? When faced with obstacles, she simply sings “Just keep swimming!” You can do the same but find an empowering mantra that you can relate to as this will give you the motivation you need to accomplish the tasks ahead of you.
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Starting your week right can greatly affect your performance at work, at school, or even at home so if you’re tired of constantly finding obstacles throughout the week, why not try these tips and see if they can make a difference to your state of mind. Perhaps you’ll find a better approach to a stressful week ahead of you with these tips in mind.




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