Health Rules One Should Not Follow


People want to be healthy; they consider health as one of the vital aspects of life. To stay fit and healthy, most people engage with weight loss diets while others go to the gym and aerobics classes.

Not all health advice apply to all people

Vanderbilt University personalized medicine assistant vice chancellor Dan Roden told Prevention that what was good for the population as a whole was not necessarily good for a given individual. In line with being healthy, people face several health advices from other people and health professional; but then, not all pieces of advice should be followed, as most health recommendations are sometime based on research involving poor gross section of the general public.


Outdoor walks are a simple way to stay fit

The advice that strolling outdoor to stay fit is not a prime health rule that should be followed, as it can adversely affect people with heart diseases if it was a smoggy day outdoors. According to Prevention, research findings revealed that a high-smog day implies presence of minute particles that could pose hazard to people and boost the risk of having heart attack. With this fact, it is recommended that one should move his workout indoors during smoggy days and turn on the air conditioner, as it can cut indoor pollutant levels by up to 50 percent. Local air quality can be checked at Airnow website.


Eat the rainbow

According to Good Housekeeping, nutrition experts advise that people should fill their plates with brightly colored foods, such as bananas and apples. As per the publication, research found out the advantage of eating “crayon” colored foods, such as the antioxidants that can be obtained from them – lycopene in red tomatoes, beta-carotene in orange carrots, and anthocyanins in blue berries and purple grapes.

This rule is no longer practical at present, as white can now be an excellent source of nutrients. A case in point is cauliflower and broccoli; they contain compounds that fight cancer. In addition, garlic and onions are also white and they give protection against stomach and colorectal cancer. Cremini mushrooms and Portobello do not also fall the rainbow spectrum; however, they are rich in antioxidants, just like red peppers, carrots, and green beans.


Every bit of exercise counts, even chores.

Exercise is a vital component of holistic health and wellness; however, not all household chores are capable of giving adequate workload for the heart. According to Prevention, pulling weeds or sweeping may not work the heart long or hard enough to considerably decrease the chances of having conditions like clogged arteries or heart attack.

With coordination with the medical professional, 30 minutes of moderately vigorous exercise four to five times a week can be planned to significantly decrease the risk of having heart diseases. This is evidenced by a study participated by nearly 40,000 women, in which brisk walking for at least two hours proved to decrease the risk of heart disease by 50 percent.


Eat meat for iron.

Doctor’s advice that people should consume moderate amounts of lean beef, as it stands as the best source of iron; however, this has changed. According to Good Housekeeping, a three-ounce patty may provide 2.2 milligrams of iron, but then, it has been found that the hem iron in red meat elevates the risk of having heart diseases in some women. To add, red meat has been also linked to a higher risk of colon cancer.

With the above information, lean meat is no longer the only source for iron. Dark green leafy vegetables, dried fruits, blackstrap molasses, and legumes now stand as non-home sources of iron. Iron enhances the oxygen delivery in the body, so the mineral is really vital to one’s health. For better iron absorption, these iron food sources should be consumed along with vitamin C food sources, such as oranges and lemons.


Along with the health advice that should not be followed, total health and wellness can be achieved with proper nutrition, regular exercise, adequate sleep and rest, clean environment, and right attitude.