Health Benefits of Winged Beans

Winged beans got their name from the fact that their pods are adorned with frills. Other than such striking feature, another nice thing about them is every part of the plant where they come from can be eaten — from the tubers, stems, leaves to flowers. This only means that there are many ways for you to obtain the health benefits that winged beans offer.

Let’s now jump to these health benefits, shall we?

Beautiful and Healthy Skin

Vitamins A and C in winged beans work together in keeping the skin young-looking and healthy. Experts say that vitamin A helps in keeping the underlying structures of the skin intact, thus saving it from sagging. Then vitamin C fights off excess free radicals that cause accelerated skin aging. As a bonus, vitamin C also helps encourage collagen production, which tends to wane as a person gets older and older.

Sharp Vision

Other than keeping the skin looking fantastic, vitamin A is a nutrient so important for keeping your vision sharp. The truth is vitamin A works as an antioxidant that is very good at saving the retina — the cells at the back of the eyes that collect light that enters your eyes and send it to the brain via the optic nerve — from being damaged by free radicals. So aside from carrots, it’s also a great idea for you to consume winged beans regularly.

Lower Risk of Infection

There is also vitamin C in winged beans which, as everybody knows, is important for keeping the immune system strong. Most especially if you are living a busy life in the city, it’s of utmost importance to have a bolstered immunity to have yourself protected from microbes and pollutants. Including winged beans in your diet each time you have the opportunity to do so can help keep you from becoming sick all the time.

Bigger Muscles

Just like so many other beans that you can get your hands on, winged beans are superb sources of protein. It’s no secret that protein is a nutrient essential for building muscles and repairing worn out ones. Having bigger muscles comes with so many benefits. For instance, it can make you a lot stronger. It also gives your body a more flattering shape. Furthermore, having bigger muscles comes with the benefit that’s discussed next.

Slimmer Physique

The inclusion of protein-rich winged beans in your diet on a regular basis is actually beneficial if you are trying to drop unwanted pounds. Again, it has something to do with the fact that protein builds bigger muscles — the bigger your muscles are, the faster your metabolism runs. Even while you are at sleep, your body is a calorie-burning machine! What’s more, winged beans are very low in calories and devoid of bad fat that can make you gain weight.

Reduced Inflammation

Speaking of fat, winged beans supply your body with the healthy kind of fat. Just how good this fat is for you? Well, experts say that it’s something that helps reduce inflammation, which is linked to a staggering number of health problems. For instance, inflammation is often associated with heart disease and cancer. Thanks to their healthy fat content, winged beans can also save your joints from being achy and swollen.

Lower Osteoporosis Risk

One of the many nutrients found in winged beans is calcium. As everyone already knows, the said mineral is important for keeping the teeth and most especially the bones strong. Having strong bones is essential if you don’t want osteoporosis, which is a debilitating disease, to bug you in the future. According to scientists, another nutrient in winged beans that helps in strengthening the bones is phosphorous.




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