Health Benefits of Udon Noodles

Are you planning on experimenting with Japanese cooking? Good for you! Everyone knows that a lot of Japanese foods are good for the health. While making a list of the various dishes from the Land of the Rising Sun that you would like to cook, make sure that you include some of those that call for the use of udon.

Udon are thick noodles that originate from Japan. It is considered as something so healthy because it’s just actually made from whole wheat flour. Unless you are allergic or sensitive to wheat and especially gluten, it is a wonderful idea for you to consume udon on a regular basis.

However, not all udon noodles at your favorite supermarket are the same. Some of those currently available are actually heavily processed, which means that they are devoid of all the perks offered by the real deal. When shopping, ensure that the udon packaging you have in your hand says that it’s whole wheat.

Now that you know which udon product you should opt for, it’s time to learn some of the wonderful health benefits you can enjoy from whipping up a tasty udon treat:

It Makes You Energetic

Complex carbohydrates are the good kinds of carbs because they help give you energy that lasts for a long time, as well as keep your blood sugar levels from fluctuating abnormally. Most especially if you are a fitness-buff, a serving of udon a couple of hours before working out can help you have all the energy and endurance that you need.

It Won’t Make You Gain Weight

Provided that you refrain from stuffing your face with udon, it can help save you from gaining unwanted pounds. It’s for the fact that udon is actually low in calories — a 2-ounce serving of it contains less than 200 calories. What’s more, udon is absolutely free of saturated fat, the kind that can make your waistline grow larger.

It Promotes Regularity

Because udon is a whole wheat product, it’s good for the digestive system. Fiber that is found abundantly in every strand of this thick Japanese noodle is rich in dietary fiber. We all know that dietary fiber is important for regular movement of the bowels. In other words, udon helps in warding off constipation as well as encourage toxin removal.

It Keeps the Gut Healthy

According to a study, the inclusion of whole wheat food products such as udon in the diet can help encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut, while keeping the population of disease-causing ones low. Having a healthy gut is said to be good not only for the mood, but also a person’s immune system.

It Lowers Cholesterol

A diet that’s high in fiber is good for people whose bad cholesterol levels need to be managed. Since udon actually contains impressive amounts of fiber, its regular inclusion in the diet can help in lowering bad cholesterol. This also helps in maintaining normal blood pressure as well as in reducing your risk of heart disease.

It Supplies Your Body with Protein

Udon also contains decent amounts of protein, nutrition experts say. This only means that the consumption of udon can help in building and repairing lean muscles. Did you know that protein serves many other functions, too? For instance, it’s required for the production of hormones as well collagen that’s good for the joints and skin.

It Also Packs Various Minerals

The fact that udon is whole wheat only means that it also supplies your body with an assortment of minerals, which are vital for the attainment of optimum health. Every serving of udon contains phosphorous and magnesium. Nutrition experts say that udon also contains iron, zinc and copper.




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