Health Benefits of Sucanat Sugar

All of us have heard about the health dangers posed by refined sugar. Perhaps you have also read or heard somewhere that artificial sweeteners are bad for you either. So what can you use for sweetening foods and beverages other than honey or maple syrup, both of which often recommended by health experts?

You may try using sucanat sugar instead. Not familiar? Well, read on to get acquainted with this healthy sugar!

Its name may sound weird, but once you get to know the explanation behind it you will think that the person who named it is rather ingenious. That’s because sucanat stands for sugar cane natural. Now that you know why it’s called as such, certainly you will be the star once this type of sugar pops out of the mouth of one of your friends.

Now that you know why it’s called as such, it’s time for us to tackle why sucanat is considered healthy.

Compared to refined sugar, sucanat has undergone very minimal processing. As a result, sucanat retains much of sugar cane’s molasses content. This is also the reason why sucanat sugar boasts of a gorgeous brown coloration — it’s a clear indicator that it contains molasses. And the taste, too, is reminiscent of molasses. Yummy!

Molasses is actually loaded with vitamins and minerals. Because there is molasses in sucanat, you can be certain that every teaspoonful of it is nutritious — it does not just provide empty calories.

Speaking of which, refined sugar that you can find easily find at your favorite supermarkets as well as in most kitchens provides nothing but empty calories. It means that you get nothing but calories each time you add it to your diet — that’s one of the most loathed things about refined sugar.

On the other hand, sucanat sugar offers more than just calories. According to nutrition experts, this type of sugar that is minimally processed offers the following:


It’s an electrolyte that your body needs, and it helps in keeping high blood pressure at bay.


Everyone knows it helps in strengthening the bones as well as teeth.


Not too many people know that it assists calcium in warding off osteoporosis.


Your body requires iron for it to be able to produce red blood cells or RBCs.


This mineral has antioxidant properties, plus it also helps in regulating the mood.


Doctors say that it’s something important for cellular division and healing of wounds.


This mineral is vital for the development and maintenance of the heart, brain and many other organs.

Vitamin A

It is common knowledge that vitamin A is necessitated for healthy eyes and sharp vision.

B vitamins

All of them are important for healthy brain and nerves, and for conversion of food to energy.

So in other words, every teaspoonful of sucanat sugar that you stir into your cup of coffee or tea, or your homemade biscuits or flan offers more than just calories, but also some vitamins and minerals that you need for the proper functioning of your body and attainment of health that’s optimum.

However, still it is very important to consume sucanat in moderation only. Otherwise, those calories will pile up until such time that there are lots of them in your body to cause you to gain unwanted pounds. It’s also not a good idea to consume more sucanat than necessary because, despite of it being way better than refined sugar, it may still increase your risk of having diabetes, heart disease and many other health issues linked to excessive sugar intake.

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