Health Benefits of Strawberry Guava

Strawberry guava is called as such because it looks like a guava but both its color and taste resemble a strawberry. Native to certain parts of South America like Brazil and Uruguay, the tree that bears it is now cultivated in various parts of the planet where climates are tropical and subtropical.

Experts say that the nutritional profile of strawberry guava is similar to that of guava, although it boasts double the calcium content of guava! Needless to say, the regular consumption of strawberry guava can help in keeping your pearly whites strong. It can also help strengthen your bones and considerably lower your osteoporosis risk.

Other than keeping your smile and healthy bone mineral density intact, there are many other health benefits known to be provided by strawberry guava.

Some of the most impressive ones are the following:

Regular Bowel Movement

Since strawberry guava is loaded with fiber, consuming it on a regular basis helps flush out toxins and waste products in the gut. It’s the perfect addition to the everyday diet of anyone who is constantly bugged by constipation.

Controlled Blood Sugar

High fiber content of strawberry guava makes it so excellent for individuals with diabetes or who are at high risk of it. It’s because this tropical fruit helps keep the levels of sugar in the bloodstream stable.

Lower Blood Pressure

Aside from warding off constipation and spikes in blood sugar, the fact that strawberry guava is rich in fiber makes the fruit very good at keeping both cholesterol and blood pressure within the normal range. So in other words, regular consumption of strawberry guava may lower a person’s risk of having deadly heart disease.

Healthy and Beautiful Skin

Just like guava, strawberry guava is also a phenomenal source of vitamin C. This only means that it can help promote the healing of wounds and synthesis of collagen, which helps make the skin elastic and free of lines and wrinkles.

Stronger Immune System

Thanks to its rich vitamin C content, strawberry guava helps make the immune system more effective at keeping the body safeguarded from disease-causing microbes. The inclusion of strawberry guava in the diet is especially beneficial when the season for various respiratory tract infections like the cold and flu is nearing.

Stronger Gums

Other than the calcium it packs, strawberry guava also helps keep a person’s smile intact due to its loads of vitamin C, which is a nutrient so important for keeping the gums healthy and strong, and preventing scurvy from striking.

Reduced Cancer Risk

Just like so many fruits on the face of the planet, strawberry guava may help lower one’s risk of developing cancer. It’s for the fact that the tropical fruit contains superb amounts of cancer-fighting antioxidants.

Have you tried eating strawberry guava? How do you find its taste and what health benefits did you get from it?




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