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Health Benefits of Quince

Quince is a fruit that comes from a small tree having the same name, which is commonly cultivated for ornamental uses due to its beautiful light pink flowers. By the way, this tree is native to Turkey, Hungary, Armenia, Uzbekistan and many other countries that are adjacent to them.

Going back to the fruit itself, it is eaten just like an apple and a pear — it can be consumed without you reaching for the peeler. That doesn’t really come as a surprise because quince is in fact related to those two.

And you should really consume quince with its peel intact because that’s where a huge concentration of all the nutrients it has can be found, as one can expect from any fruit with an edible peel. Since it’s highly nutritious, the consumption of quince on a regular basis lets you enjoy the following:

Increased Immunity

One of the key nutrients you can find from quince is vitamin C, which is known to strengthen the immune system. Having a strong immune system can help save you from ending up with regular bouts of upper respiratory tract infections such as the common cold and flu because your body is very much capable of fighting off invading microbes.

Lovelier Smile

Your gums are the ones that hold your pearly whites in place, plus they also supply them with nutrients. And that is why keeping your gums in a healthy state is vital if you want to keep your beautiful smile intact. And you know which vitamin is good for the gums? Vitamin C which is found abundantly in quince.

Healthier and Younger-Looking Skin

Vitamin C that you can get in superb amounts from quince is also important for healthy skin as it assists in the healing of wounds and infections. If you want your skin to look young and radiant, it’s a good idea for you to eat quince regularly because its vitamin C content is actually an antioxidant that neutralizes those skin-damaging free radicals.

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Reduced Cancer Risk

Since vitamin C in quince is an antioxidant, it’s something that may help lower your risk of having cancer. We all know that cancer is one of the leading causes of deaths all over the world as it can be very hard to treat most especially during its late stages. So to lower your risk of having to face cancer, regularly eat quince!

Lowered Risk of Heart Disease

In addition to fighting off cancer, vitamin C with superb antioxidant properties is also good for keeping heart disease at bay. It’s for the fact that cholesterol in the food you eat can be kept from oxidizing and ending up in the arteries. Certainly, you wouldn’t want your arteries to become clogged as it could lead to problems that can affect your ticker.

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Controlled Blood Pressure

Here’s another reason why quince is good for your heart: it supplies your body with good amounts of potassium. Doctors say that potassium is a mineral that’s capable of widening the blood vessels, causing the blood pressure to stay within the normal range. So if you’re tired of eating bananas for a healthy blood pressure, switch to quince.

Regulated Movement of the Bowels

The consumption of quince allows you to obtain impressive amounts of fiber, and this is a good thing. A diet that’s high in fiber helps prevent constipation, which means that your body can effectively flush out toxins on a regular basis. By the way, it’s not just constipation that quince may help prevent, but also hemorrhoids and cancer of the colon.

Strengthened Bones

Consuming quince regularly allows you to enjoy stronger bones, and it’s for a couple of reasons. First, this exotic fruit that is related to apples and pears has calcium in it. Second, it contains a handful of other minerals that assist calcium in strengthening the bones, and some of them are potassium and phosphorus.

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