NutritionHealth Benefits of Pomegranate to Children

Health Benefits of Pomegranate to Children

It can be very challenging for parents to get their kids to eat nutritious foods as they prefer junk over healthy stuff. The good news is choosing the right foods to serve on the table can help ensure that their little ones are getting all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that their growing bodies and developing minds need.

Some of the superfoods on the planet that are revered by many health-conscious adults are pomegranates, and it’s for certain that kids will love them, too!

Thanks to the interesting color of pomegranates, their unique texture and easy-to-love tart flavor, kids won’t mind having their regular dose of pomegranates. No matter if eaten as they are, used as toppings for oatmeal or cereals, or turned into juice, children will surely benefit from consuming pomegranates on a regular basis.

Below are some of the health benefits that pomegranates offer kids:

Healthier Mouth

Pomegranates have anti-microbial properties, and that’s why eating them regularly can help in keeping the mouths of children clean. Vitamin C present in pomegranates also helps in promoting a healthy mouth. As a result, their risk of having cavities and gum disease can be lowered.

Improved Immune System

Since pomegranates contain vitamin C, the immune systems of kids can be strengthened by including pomegranates more often in their diet. It can be very heartbreaking for parents to see their little ones down with a cold, cough or flu, so it’s a great idea to have their kids’ immune system strengthened.

Better Red Blood Cell Production

One of the many nutrients found in pomegranates is iron. We all know that iron is a mineral so important for the production of red blood cells that carry oxygen. Thanks to the regular consumption of iron-containing pomegranates, children can be saved from ending up with iron-deficiency anemia.

Pain-Free Muscles

There is no denying that playing is good for growing and developing kids. But sometimes too much play can leave their muscles sore and achy. There is an all-natural way to deal with this, and that is by giving them potassium-rich foods such as pomegranates.

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Reduced Inflammation

It’s normal for kids to have wounds and many other minor injuries because they can be so physically active. Each time that happens, it is very much likely for the affected body part to become inflamed. In order to help put it under control, they can be given pomegranates that possess superb anti-inflammatory properties.

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Eliminated Parasitic Worms

Undeniably, kids are susceptible to having parasitic worms in their intestines as they tend to put a lot of dirty stuff in their mouths. It is said that regularly making them enjoy pomegranates can help put an end to such problem as the said fruits are known to be very good at killing off parasitic worms.


Normalized Bowel Movement

Because pomegranates are juicy and rich in dietary fiber, they can help in promoting regular bowel movement among children. In addition, pomegranates are also capable of putting an end to diarrhea, as well as saving kids from ending up dehydrated, which is a diarrhea complication.

Stronger Liver

It’s not just parasitic worms that pomegranates help zap, but also toxins. It’s for the fact that pomegranates help promote the proper functioning of the liver, an organ that has so many important roles, including the elimination of poisonous substances in the bloodstream.

Lowered Cancer Risk

Medical experts say that old age is a risk factor for deadly cancer. However, this does not mean that children are impervious to having cancer. The fact is cancer can strike anyone at any age, including little ones. Letting them enjoy pomegranates regularly may help keep cancer at bay as these fruits are loaded with antioxidants.




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