Healthy Picks Health Benefits of Pequi Fruit

Health Benefits of Pequi Fruit

Pequi fruit comes from Brazil, and it is well-loved for its fragrance, taste and health properties. However, consuming it can be daunting for anyone who isn’t used to seeing it, and you will later on learn why. So don’t stop reading to know the reason behind it, and also for you to get acquainted with the numerous perks of eating it.

While pequi fruit is not that popular outside Brazil, a lot of individuals who are into aromatherapy are familiar with pequi oil which is obtained from the seed of the said fruit.

And speaking of which, it is the seed of pequi fruit why it can be intimidating for some to eat it. No, it’s not poisonous, but rather it has really sharp spines protecting it! Indeed, pequi fruit can easily be one of the most strange-looking fruits one you have it sliced in half — its spiny seed will come into full view!

It’s for this reason why pequi fruit has to be eaten with great care. You can’t eat it the way you would an apple or a pear. The best way to consume it is carefully gnaw at its yellow flesh with your two front teeth after peeling. Once the whitish part appears, gnaw at another spot because it’s a sign that the spines are nearby.

But other than consuming it fresh, pequi fruit is also commonly used in Brazil as an ingredient for cooking certain types of pasta, chicken noodle and bean dishes. It’s employed, too, for flavoring desserts and beverages.

Now that you are acquainted with pequi fruit, let’s check out some of the many health perks that it offers:

It Keeps the Eyes Healthy

Pequi fruit has a yellow flesh, which is an indicator of its rich vitamin A content. It’s for this reason why consuming it can help in keeping the eyes healthy, warding off diseases that can rob a person of his or her eyesight.

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It Strengthens the Immune System

There is also an excellent amount of vitamin C present in the fruit, and that’s why its regular intake can lower one’s risk of having the common cold, flu or any other infection of the respiratory system.

It Keeps the Skin Beautiful

Vitamin C in pequi fruit is also important for keeping the skin healthy. What’s more, it slows down the aging process by neutralizing free radicals and at the same time encouraging the production of collagen.

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It Reduced Osteoporosis Risk

One of the numerous minerals present in pequi fruit is calcium, something that helps keep the bones strong. This is why regularly including it in the diet can help prevent osteoporosis from striking.

It May Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Antioxidants in pequi fruit are also very good at preventing the oxidation of cholesterol. Because of this, the arteries can be kept from being clogged. Such results in the lowering of heart disease, heart attack and stroke risk.

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