Health Benefits of Ogonori

Do you feel that you have tried consuming just about every vegetable there is? Then it’s high time that you consider having more sea vegetables in your life. One of those superfoods from the ocean that you should try is ogonori because it’s so easy to incorporate into one’s diet, and it’s super nutritious, too!

Also called “ogo” or “sea moss”, ogonori is commonly eaten in Japan as well as various parts of Southeast Asia. It is also cultivated in so many countries like Taiwan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and the Philippines since there are so many ways of growing this sea vegetable. Actually, it can be farmed in lagoons and even tanks.

Commonly, ogonori is served cold. However, it’s very much possible for it to be roasted, sautéed, stir-fried, boiled and steamed. A lot of people simply throw some of it into their soups and salads. By the way, have you heard of the food thickener called “agar”? Well, it is obtained from ogonori.

Ogonori is usually available at the Asian grocer or gourmet market in your area. If you happen to come across this sea vegetable, it’s a good idea to purchase some of them. That’s because there are so many different benefits that it offers to your health. Some of those that can really impress are the following:

Improved Thyroid

Ogonori and so many other sea vegetables are good for you because they are excellent sources of iodine, which is so important for the proper functioning of your thyroid gland. Located in your neck, the said gland is responsible for controlling so many bodily processes, from your heart rate, core temperature to metabolism.

Normalized Bowel Movement

Even though it’s coming from the sea, ogonori is just like any other vegetable that you can think of — it supplies your body with fiber. This only means that the regular addition of ogonori to your diet can help make your bowel movement regular, meaning it’s less likely for you to have a bout of constipation.

Optimized Immunity

You can obtain good amounts of vitamin C in every serving of ogonori. So in other words, consuming this vegetable from the sea can help make your body more defended against viruses that cause flu and the common cold. Vitamin C, by the way, is also crucial for healthy and beautiful skin, hair and nails.

Reduced Inflammation

According to scientist, ogonori contains powerful anti-inflammatory compounds, and that’s why it is something that can help in warding off an assortment of health issues related to inflammation. For example, regular ogonori consumption is recommended for people who often suffer from painful and swollen joints.

Stabilized RBC Count

RBC stands for red blood cells, and they’re the ones that enable your blood to distribute oxygen from the lungs to the various parts of the body. To keep the number of your RBCs optimal, consuming iron-rich foods such as ogonori is important — such can help ward off or even reverse iron-deficiency anemia.

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