Healthy PicksHealth Benefits of Ogbono (African Bush Mango)

Health Benefits of Ogbono (African Bush Mango)

In Africa, there is a tree by the name of ogbono. Sometimes it’s also called African bush mango because it bears fruits that look like mangoes. The flesh of the said fruits is highly nutritious and tastes great, too. That is why ogbono fruits are commonly turned into jams, juices and even wine by Africans.

The seeds of the ogbono fruits are also superb for human consumption. Actually, they are considered as nuts and, just like many other nuts on the planet, they are excellent sources of protein and healthy fats. Ogbono nuts are usually roasted although they can be eaten raw, too. Sometimes they are also turned to butter and oil.

Ogbono fruits are also known to supply the body with dietary fiber and antioxidants. They are also revered for the many nutrients they contain. Some of them include iron, potassium, calcium, zinc, and vitamins B complex and C. Definitely, these fruits native to Africa can be regarded as a nutrition powerhouse!

Let’s now take a look at the benefits that come with the consumption of ogbono fruits and nuts:

Increased Energy

Just like what’s mentioned earlier, ogbono contains B complex. One of the numerous roles carried out by this family of nutrients is the conversion of food into energy. The consumption of ogbono fruits is especially beneficial for people who engage in strenuous activities, as well as those who are bouncing back from ailments or illnesses.

Accelerated Metabolism

People who like to get rid of unwanted pounds may welcome ogbono into their diet. It’s for the fact that the said African fruit is capable of speeding up the metabolism, thus facilitating the burning of excess calories. Being rich in fiber and healthy fats, both ogbono flesh and nut can actually help ward off hunger and overeating.

Reduced Diabetes Risk

Are you at risk of diabetes? Then it’s a good idea to consume ogbono fruits if you can get your hands on them. That’s because they are very good at keeping high blood sugar in check, according to scientists. Even people who already have diabetes can benefit tremendously from the regular consumption of this phenomenally nutritious fruit.

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Strengthened Immune System

Because of the vitamin C and zinc in them, ogbono fruits are very good at making the immune system stronger. Most especially if you have a health condition that causes weakening of your immunity, you can benefit so much from including these African fruits in your diet. They are also perfect when the flu or cold season is about to strike.

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Improved Mood

The nuts from ogbono contain protein, which consists of various amino acids. One of those amino acids is tryptophan, which is known to help boost the amount of happy hormones (serotonin) in the brain. Aside from combating depression, the intake of ogbono seeds or nuts is also said to be helpful in controlling anxiety and stress.

Lowered Heart Disease Risk

Healthy fats supplied by the nuts of ogbono fruits are actually capable of lowering bad cholesterol levels. Also, the flesh part of these African fruits is rich in potassium, which is a blood pressure regulator. With both cholesterol and blood pressure maintained within the normal range, your risk of having heart disease can be considerably reduced.

Decreased Anemia Risk

Another nutrient found in ogbono is iron, and that’s why someone who is suffering from iron-deficiency anemia can benefit a lot from the intake of the said fruit. You see, iron is a mineral so important for the production of red blood cells, which are the ones that make it possible for the blood to carry oxygen and supply the cells and tissues with it.

Have you already tried consuming ogbono fruits or seeds? Kindly share below how you find them!



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