Health Benefits Offered by Semolina Flour

Can you eat food containing gluten and not develop unfavorable symptoms afterwards? Then this article is for you. If you read on, you will get acquainted with a type of flour that offers so many health benefits.

The one in the limelight is semolina flour. Does the name ring a bell? It’s actually commonly used for making pasta and pizza crust. All sorts of bread and pastries are made from it, too. In fact, semolina flour may be employed as an alternative to all-purpose flour, which only means that it’s a highly versatile flour.

Semolina flour possesses a yellowish color because of the yellow-colored endosperm of durum wheat, a type of wheat from which the flour being tackled is made. By the way, durum wheat is one of the most widely cultivated species of wheat these days, so there’s plenty of semolina flour available on the market.

And why should you get your hands on a box of semolina flour and use it for baking all sorts of goodies, or purchase food products that contain the said type of flour? Here are some of the reasons why:

It Provides Energy

Semolina flour supplies your body with carbohydrates which provide energy, enabling you to perform both physical and mental tasks. What’s so nice about carbs in semolina flour is they are the healthy ones. Worry not that semolina flour will ruin your figure because it is very, very low in fat.

It Helps Lose Excess Weight

Consuming semolina flour can actually encourage elimination of healthy pounds in a couple of ways. First, it energizes the body, thus allowing you to be physically active and burn excess calories. Second, semolina flour is rich in fiber, something that can save you from overeating as it feels so heavy in the tummy.

It Prevents Constipation

Speaking of fiber, adding semolina flour in your diet on a regular basis can help prevent constipation. Fiber present in the said type of flour serves as a broom that sweeps waste materials as well as poisonous substances out of the digestive system. This results in the regular movement of the bowels.

It Lowers Heart Disease Risk

Fiber also drives out bad cholesterol, thus saving the arteries from ending up clogged. Certainly, you wouldn’t want your arteries to be blocked with bad cholesterol because it could impede the flow of blood to the heart muscles. When such happens, the heart muscles become deprived of oxygen, causing a heart attack to strike.

It Maintains Healthy Blood Pressure

Here’s another reason why semolina flour can help prevent heart disease: it contains potassium. The said mineral is capable of causing the blood vessels to widen, resulting in the improved flow of blood through them. This is a good thing because this helps in keeping the blood pressure from skyrocketing.

It Wards Off Anemia

One of the numerous minerals found in semolina flour is iron. Medical experts say that iron is crucial for the formation of red blood cells or RBCs, which are components that make it possible for the blood to transport oxygen. Having insufficient amounts of RBCs can lead to iron-deficiency anemia.

It Fights Off Free Radicals

There are loads of antioxidants present in semolina flour. As you may already know by now, antioxidants are the premier fighters of excess free radicals that damage healthy cells. By regularly consuming semolina flour, all sorts of health problems can be kept at bay. Also, the aging process can be slowed down.

It Makes Bones and Teeth Strong

Adding semolina flour in your diet on a regular basis can help fend off the development of osteoporosis because it is a good source of bone-strengthening calcium. Calcium is also necessary for keeping the teeth strong and healthy. So in short, semolina flour can help maintain your beautiful posture and smile.

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