Healthy Picks Health Benefits of Langsat (Lanzones)

Health Benefits of Langsat (Lanzones)

Also known as lanzones, langsat is the fruit of a tree having the same name, and is a part of the mahogany family. The said tree is native to Southeast Asia, and it comes in a handful of varieties.

Various parts of the langsat tree have been used by traditional healers for so many years now in dealing with a variety of health problems. Some of them include fever, malaria, parasitic worm infestation and even cancer.

Going back to the tropical fruit that it bears, langsat has an acidic taste. This is excellent news as it’s a clear indicator that it is packed with vitamin C. Everyone knows that vitamin C is important for making the immune system strong. It’s also essential for warding off inflammation, as well as promoting healthy and young-looking skin.

Outside of countries where langsat is widely cultivated, the fruit can be easily obtained from Asian grocers. Getting your hands on a bunch of them allows you to enjoy the following health benefits:

Increased Hydration

Langsat is the perfect fruit to snack on especially during the hottest months of the year because it is rich in water. Keeping the body hydrated can help you feel cool and save you from having a heatstroke. The intake of water-rich langsat also promotes regular movement of the bowels.

Lowered Constipation Risk

Speaking of bowel movement, the regular consumption of langsat helps keep you regular. It’s for the fact that this tropical gem is packed with dietary fiber, just like so many other fruits on the planet. Aside from lowering your risk of having constipation, regularly eating langsat also helps keep at bay piles and colon cancer.

Cancer Prevention

Just like what’s mentioned earlier, langsat and the various parts of the tree where it comes from are used traditionally for warding off cancer. Snacking on langsat each time you have the opportunity to do so lets you dodge the said deadly disease more effectively because it’s loaded with antioxidants.

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Healthy Eyes and Optimum Vision

One of the many nutrients found in every serving of langsat is vitamin A. Everybody is well-aware that the said vitamin is important for keeping the eyes in an A1 shape. Vitamin A found in langsat also keeps your vision intact as it helps prevent eye diseases that can rob you of your eyesight, such as cataracts and macular degeneration.

Superb Immunity

Another vitamin that you can obtain from the consumption of langsat is vitamin C. It’s common knowledge that this particular nutrient is important for making the immune system strong. Having superb immunity, there is no need for you to frequently end up battling the common cold, flu and other infections.

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Young-Looking Skin

Did you know that vitamin C is also an age-defying nutrient? That’s because it encourages the body to produce more collagen, a type of protein that helps make your skin soft and supple. Collagen production wanes with age, and eating langsat and other vitamin C-rich superfoods can help slow down the process of skin aging.

Reduced Risk of Osteoporosis

Adding langsat in your diet helps boost your body’s supply of phosphorous. Not everyone knows that phosphorus is vital for bone mineralization. In other words, this mineral helps keep your bones strong by working together with calcium. As a result, your risk of osteoporosis can be considerably reduced.

Lovelier Smile

It’s not just your bones that phosphorous found in langsat helps strengthen, but also your pearly whites. Another reason why the intake of langsat can help make your smile unforgettable is the fact that it has vitamin C, which is a nutrient essential for keeping the gums strong and healthy.

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