Health Benefits of Kola Nut

Did you know that your favorite cola beverage got its name from the cola family of trees originally used for flavoring it? One of those trees bears kola nuts, which contains a little caffeine and that’s why they are excellent stimulants. A few other nutrients are also found in kola nuts, making their regular consumption good for you.

Native to the most exotic parts of Africa, kola nuts have this delightful sweet scent which is comparable to that of a rose’s. Initially, kola nuts have a slightly bitter taste — don’t stop chewing because it will eventually become sweet.

But of course it’s a good idea to limit your intake of kola nuts most especially if you’re the kind of person who is sensitive to caffeine. Otherwise, you may end up experiencing some of the nasty stuff you get upon the intake of coffee, such as jitteriness, lightheadedness, nausea, heart palpitations and shaky hands.

When consumed in moderate amounts, kola nuts allow you to enjoy the following health benefits:

Improved Digestion

Traditionally, kola nuts are chewed to improve the process of digestion. This allows the body to assimilate nutrients in food much better. Kola nuts are also known to be very good at easing a number of problems concerning the GI tract. Some of them include an upset stomach, excess gas, and abdominal distention and cramping.

Stronger Respiratory System

According to certain studies, kola nuts have antimicrobial properties. These tree nuts are said to be capable of zapping certain types of microorganisms, in particular the kinds that wreak havoc to the respiratory system. It’s no wonder why folk healers actually employ kola nuts for preventing and treating the like of pulmonary tuberculosis.

Bronchitis Relief

Kola nuts also contain certain compounds that help dilate or open up the airways. It’s for this reason exactly why its consumption can be very helpful for people who are suffering from bronchitis, which is a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD. Kola nut is also known to be very beneficial for those with asthma.

Probable Prostate Cancer Remedy

New studies suggest that plant-based hormones present in kola nuts may be used for the treatment of prostate cancer cells. Scientists say that those hormones are showing signs that they are capable of commanding prostate cancer cells to kill themselves. However, more studies have to be done in order for experts to come up with conclusions.

Reduced Weight

Thanks to the caffeine present in them, kola nuts may be consumed on a regular basis to help make those excess pounds go away. A lot of weight loss pills have caffeine because of the said substance’s ability to stoke the metabolism. Kola nuts also help reduce weight by making the stomach feel full, thanks to its healthy fat and fiber.

Increased Muscle Mass

Kola nuts help with weight reduction also by means of increasing muscle mass. Just like other tree nuts out there, kola nuts offer impressive amounts of protein. Also, protein is a nutrient that’s a little challenging for the body to digest, and that’s why it also helps make a person’s metabolism run much faster.

Boosted Energy Levels

Due to the fact that kola nuts have caffeine in them, it’s no wonder why snacking on them can help increase a person’s energy levels. The consumption of kola nuts is also known to help improve cognitive functioning. Just make sure that you limit your intake of kola nuts most especially if caffeine tends to give you unfavorable side effects.

Alleviation of Headaches and Migraine

Last but not least, kola nuts can be very beneficial for people who are suffering from a headache or those who are usually bugged by migraine. The stimulating properties of kola nuts, courtesy of its caffeine content, help in improving blood circulation, which then helps put an end to headaches and migraine attacks.




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