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What are the Health Benefits of Keeping Your Cool?

Each time you feel frustrated, threatened or betrayed, you feel angry. This is a perfectly natural response provided that it is handled in the normal and healthy way. However, it’s a completely different story if you a have frequent bursts of rage that you keep to yourself, or you are handling it so badly that you are ruining your relationships with others.

Trying to keep your cool is something that’s not only good for your image as well as your association with your family members, friends, and boss and officemates, but also your overall health. According to medical experts, these are some of the reasons why controlling your anger is a good thing:

It Keeps Your Immune System Strong

According to scientists from Harvard University, individuals who engaged in a study had a dip in their immune response simply by recalling past life events that made them feel angry. In other words, gnashing your teeth all the time will not only cause you to lose friends, but also your body’s ability to fight off disease-causing microorganisms.

It Saves Your Anxiety From Striking

Experts say that anxiety and anger are linked to one another. In fact, the journal called “Cognitive Behavior Therapy” published a report back in 2012 that anger could exacerbate anxiety. It is said that the kind of anger that is unexpressed or internalized is particularly notorious at causing anxiety levels to reach sky-high.

It Also Keeps You From Feeling Depressed

Certainly, knowing that you have ruined your relationship with others because of your anger can leave you feeling down in the dumps. Scientists say that this is more common in men, especially those who mull over anger-related actions but refrain from actually doing them. Expressing anger in a healthy manner instead of containing it can help a lot.

It Helps Maintain Normal Lung Capacity

Even if you are not a smoker, experts say that being angry all the time can actually decrease your lung capacity. Scientists believe that this is due to the constant surge of stress hormones. In other words, perpetually having bouts of fury can increase your likelihood of suffering from all sorts of problems concerning the respiratory system.

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It Lowers Your Risk of Having a Stroke

Learning to stay calm and collected even in terrible situations can help lower your stroke risk, medical experts say. Based on some studies, several minutes of being angry could increase the likelihood of blood clots. Similarly, it may also increase the risk of an aneurism in the brain bursting, something that can also lead to a stroke.

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It Saves Your Liver From Becoming Diseased

Experts say that losing your temper all the time can cause the gallbladder to produce more bile, and this is not a good thing. For one, this may lead to an increase pressure in the gallbladder, which can have a profound effect on the liver cells. Since your liver carries out numerous bodily functions, you certainly wouldn’t want it to end up diseased.

It Lets You Have Flawless Skin

Anger can be very stressful for the body, and medical experts say that stress is something that can exacerbate an assortment of skin issues. Some of them include rashes, acne, pruritus and eczema. Instead of being irritated all the time, consider putting on a smile more often to ward off skin problems, as well as bolster your relationships with everyone.

It Promotes a Longer and Healthier Life

Last but not least, learning to keep your cool can actually make you enjoy a long life. According to a study done on couples which spanned a total of 17 years, those who kept their anger to themselves had much shorter life spans than those who knew how to express their frustrations with one another in a normal and healthy way.




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