Health Benefits of Enjoying Naseberry Fruits


Naseberry fruits — the name may not be as commonly heard as, say, blueberries or strawberries, but this does not mean that these berries are not as delightful-tasting and health-giving. Actually, naseberry fruits are so packed with vitamins and minerals that consuming them on a regular basis comes with so many impressive health perks!

Also commonly used as ingredients of various skincare products, naseberry fruits are native to Central and South America. However, they are also widely cultivated in various parts of Asia, such as India.

They have yellowish flesh that’s soft and juicy, tasting like a combination of pears and apples with a dash of cinnamon. In areas where they are native to, naseberry fruits are commonly eaten as they are when ripe. However, because of their innate sweetness, they are also commonly turned into juice, jams and various desserts.

Interested in knowing what benefits you can get from including naseberry fruits in your diet regularly? Then read on. Here are some of the numerous perks that these berries with a unique appearance and taste have to offer:

They Supply Your Body with Vitamin A

Everyone knows that a nutrient so important for keeping the eyes in optimal state is vitamin A. A powerful antioxidant, the said vitamin helps neutralize excess free radicals before they get to damage the cells of your eyes. As a result, numerous eye diseases that can lead to loss of vision can be prevented.

Eye specialists say that vitamin A helps maintain 20/20 vision, and can in fact help boost your eyesight at night. Since naseberry fruits are rich in vitamin A, eating them regularly is undeniably superb for your eye health and vision.

They Also Provide Vitamin C

Another vitamin that you can get abundantly from naseberry fruits is vitamin C, which is another antioxidant. It’s no secret that vitamin C is a major role player in keeping the immune system in top-notch form. Having a really strong immunity helps in lowering your risk of various infections like the flu, cough and common cold.

Did you know that vitamin C is also vital for beautiful and youthful skin? Well, that’s because it is a requirement for making collagen — a type of protein that makes your skin less susceptible to sagging and developing wrinkles.

They Boast of Bone-Strengthening Minerals

Having naseberry fruits regularly is good for warding off osteoporosis. It’s for the fact that these exotic fruits supply the body with calcium, and it is common knowledge that this particular nutrient is so important for strengthening the bones. Thanks to naseberry fruits, keeping osteoporosis at bay has never been this delightful to the taste buds!

By the way, there are a few other minerals present in naseberry fruits that assist calcium in keeping the bones from becoming weak and brittle, and those are phosphorous and potassium.

They Help Maintain Normal Blood Pressure

Speaking of potassium, this mineral that you can obtain from every serving of naseberry fruits is vital for keeping your cardiovascular system in an excellent shape. That’s because potassium is capable of keeping the blood pressure from reaching abnormal and dangerous levels, and it does so by causing the blood vessels to dilate.

Potassium is also an electrolyte, which means that it’s essential for maintaining proper contraction of your muscles, including the ones that make up your heart.

They Promote Regular Bowel Movement

Just like so many other fruits out there, these berries native to Central and South America are excellent sources of fiber. It’s due to this why eating them on a regular basis can help in keeping you from becoming constipated. Also contributing to regulating the bowel movement is the fact that naseberry fruits are rich in water, too.

According to medical professionals, regularly consuming naseberry fruits and other good sources of fiber is great for preventing hemorrhoids, and may in fact lower your risk of colon cancer.