Health Benefits of Black Seed Oil

Black seed oil is obtained from the dark-colored seeds of the plant called nigella sativa. The fact is the said seeds have been employed for hundreds of years now for dealing with a wide variety of health problems. For instance, they were used for beauty purposes in ancient Egypt, and in ancient Greece they were utilized for the management of different issues concerning the digestive system.

According to modern-day scientists, the presence of various phytochemicals (active compounds found in plants) in black seed oil is what makes it one of the most impressive all-natural solutions for practically any health matter. It also packs amino acids, iron, calcium, phosphorous, zinc, copper, and B-vitamins including folate.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the health benefits of black seed oil. Do take note that all of them are backed by numerous scientific investigations.

Prevention of Cancer

Based on studies done by scientists in Croatia, black seed oil is a remarkable fighter of cancer. It does so by preventing cancer or tumor cells from proliferating. Studies have also shown that black seed oil causes those lethal cancer or tumor cells to kill themselves, a process known as “apoptosis”.

Management of Diabetes

People with diabetes or who are at high risk of having the said disease can benefit tremendously from black seed oil. It’s for the fact that it is highly effective in keeping the levels of glucose or sugar in the blood within the normal range. According to scientists, black seed oil is helpful for individuals with type 1 as well as type 2 diabetes.

Promotion of Liver Health

One of the most important organs in the body is the liver as it carries out an assortment of vital tasks, from helping with the digestive process to metabolism of drugs and alcohol. According to many studies, black seed oil is an excellent protector of the liver. Additionally, it also encourages the healing of a diseased liver.

Control of Infections by MRSA

One of the scariest bacteria on the face of the planet is MRSA, which is short for “methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus”. That’s because it’s something that is unaffected by most antibiotics. According to scientists in Pakistan, a strong concentration of black seed oil is highly effective in zapping deadly MRSA and many other microbes.

Facilitation of Weight Loss

Black seed oil can also be beneficial for obese or overweight individuals. Studies have shown that active compounds in the said oil can help control inflammation as well as increased glucose or sugar in the blood, both of which can make weight reduction challenging. Black seed oil is also known to possess appetite-suppressing properties.

Encouragement of Better Digestion

Just like what’s mentioned early on in this article, one of the traditional uses of black seed oil is for dealing with all sorts of concerns related to the digestive system. Modern-day scientists say that this particular oil is capable of managing problems such as excessive gas, abdominal distention and even parasitic worms.

Lowering of Heart Disease Risk

Scientists add that black seed oil may help lower a person’s risk of having heart disease for a couple of reasons. First, black seed oil is effective at lowering the levels of bad cholesterol, thus saving the arteries from ending up clogged. Second, the said oil helps keep the blood pressure from rising, keeping the heart from being overworked.

Treatment of Skin Issues

Finally, black seed oil is scientifically proven to help deal with a wide variety of skin problems. For instance, it may be employed for relieving inflammation and itchiness associated with eczema and psoriasis. Scientists add that black seed oil is also a powerful zapper of fungal infections like jock itch, ringoworm and athlete’s foot.


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