Health and Beauty Benefits of Spruce Essential Oil

Spruce essential oil comes from the needles of a coniferous evergreen tree, the spruce tree. The said tree is sometimes called black spruce tree, and thus spruce essential oil and black spruce essential oil are very much the same things.

What’s so nice about spruce essential oil compared to other essential oils obtained from trees belonging to the evergreen family is that it possesses a milder scent — you are not going to have a difficult time loving its rather woody and sweet fragrance. Definitely, you will also love the many health and beauty perks that spruce essential oil brings!

So without further ado, let us take a look at some of those benefits that will surely get your mind blown away:

Energy Increasing

It’s a good idea to steer clear of spruce essential oil before bedtime because its scent can leave you wide awake at night. That’s because this essential oil is something that can help increase a person’s energy levels, and such property is what makes it perfect for individuals who are feeling sluggish and tried but still have to carry out so many mental and physical activities before they can call it a day.

Metabolism Regulating

Another reason why spruce essential oil is capable of boosting one’s energy is the fact that it is known to help regulate the metabolism. Other than making it extremely challenging to lose unwanted pounds, a sluggish metabolism is also something that can leave an individual feeling lethargic. Needless to say, the scent of spruce essential oil can be helpful for anyone who likes to slim down effectively.

Stress Lowering

Those who are facing a lot of stress on a day-to-day basis may also count on spruce essential oil. It’s because this oil from the spruce tree is known to support the adrenals, which are glands that assist the body in adapting so much better to stress. We all know that chronic stress can cause all sorts of health complications if left unmanaged, so it’s very important for any busy person to deal with it proactively, such as with the use of spruce essential oil.

Mood Lifting

Because of the delightful fragrance of spruce essential oil, it may be employed for lifting the mood. An individual who is feeling down may fill the air with the smell of this essential oil with the help of a diffuser in order to make the day seem so much brighter. Rather than turn to greasy and salty foods for comfort, those who are feeling glum may rely on spruce essential oil for a dash of happiness.

Immune Boosting

pruce essential oil is known to bolster the immune system in a way that it helps protect the respiratory system from disease-causing microorganisms that like to invade the body by means of the lungs. Studies have also shown that spruce essential oil is capable of neutralizing certain types of poisonous substances in the air, and this is what makes this mildly-scented essential oil really effective in warding off problems concerning the respiratory system.

Pain and Inflammation Reducing

There are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs for people who are constantly bugged by achy and swollen joints. However, the intake of these drugs is often associated with a lot of side effects and risks. Luckily, there are many things from nature that can help relieve joint pain and inflammation by having them utilized topically, and spruce essential oil is one of those highly beneficial gifts.

Skin Problem Reducing

Spruce essential oil is very good at providing relief for a variety of skin problems, examples of which include psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis. Beauty-conscious women who are pestered by fine lines and wrinkles may also rely on this oil with a pleasing mild scent in keeping their skin young-looking. Since it’s a phenomenal skin moisturizer, spruce essential oil can help in delaying the appearance of skin aging signs.

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