Healing Crystals for Different Illness

Our bodies can be subjected to deterioration over time as this is part of the aging process. Of course, the way we take care of it also has a part to play on how we can keep it healthy and strong as the years go by. With that being said, it’s important that we take matters into our own hands and find ways to retain our overall good health. One way to help boost our health is to use healing crystals to treat different ailments that we may have. You might raise an eyebrow at this claim but crystals have been around since ancient times and had been used for treatments. Here are some crystals that you can use at home to promote better well-being.


Also referred to as “The All Purpose Stone”, this crystal comes in a variety of hues as well as shades ranging from light violet color to a vibrant purple. This crystal has been found to promote clarity when your mind is confused plus it can help relieve anxiety and stress. You can use this crystal for mood swings, cell regeneration, immunity, as well as insomnia. If you are out and about, you can use amethyst crystal for added protection.


If your home has plenty of negative energy in it, placing onyx crystals is one way to banish the heaviness in your space. Negative energy can affect your health when you are not careful or when you allow it to seep in your mind and body. Cleansing the air with this crystal can help you feel better and healthier too since there is less stress for you to worry about.


The first thing that you’ll love about this crystal is that its golden hue. This crystal is well-loved as it promotes beauty and healing. Those who want to attract more prosperity or abundance in their lives find citrine to be good for them. It is often referred to as the “Merchant’s Stone” and can help remove any obstacles that are preventing you from earning money. It is also useful when it comes to protecting your aura so you won’t be get sick easily.

Lapis lazuli

Migraine attacks can be bothersome. The severity can range from mild to severe with other symptoms in between. Medications are available to help reduce inflammation but they can only do so much and mustn’t be used all the time as it can lead to tolerance. With that being said, using lapis lazuli to help you deal or at least prevent migraines from happening is worth a shot as those who tried it reported a reduction in migraine attacks.


If you want to be constantly motivated, confident, and inspired, carnelian crystal should be worn all the time. When worn regularly, or placed near your work station, you will find that you are more persevering with your endeavors. This particular crystal is considered as an energy booster which can help spread joy in your body as it eliminates any negative energy or blockages in your body.


If you are having trouble regulating your blood pressure, investing on a bloodstone is worth it. This crystal supports your circulatory system by regulating your blood pressure. This means that you are less at risk from heart problems since your blood is flowing naturally.  You can also use this to ward off colds. 

These are just a few examples of crystals that are worth using depending on the ailments that you are feeling. You can wear them or have them displayed in an area where you spend most of the time to feel its effects.

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