Have You Heard About Trataka and Its Benefits?

If you are into meditating on a regular basis and currently looking for something that’s easier and can be done practically anywhere, then you’re definitely in the right place at the right time — this article will get you introduced to a simple meditation technique, and it’s referred to as trataka.

What is It?

Trataka is a Sanskrit word that means something like “to look steadily at a certain point”. Needless to say, your eyes are major role players in carrying out this meditation technique.

Of course you will also need an object on which you will focus your peepers. It can be anything that’s accessible to you at the time of meditation — a small potted plant, your wedding band, a shell. Some of those who have been practicing trataka for a while now grab a white piece of paper and draw a dot right in the middle of it.

Most of the time, however, it is a lighted candle that those who practice trataka go for.

Why a Lighted Candle?

One look is enough for you to realize that there’s something magnetic about the flame of a candle. Since trataka is a form of meditation, it’s important for you to pick an object that can cause you to focus intently on it no matter how many minutes you like to have the activity carried out.

Besides, we all know that a lighted candle can make an impression, which means that you can still see it to some degree after closing your eyes.

Yes, trataka is performed with your eyes open and then eventually closed. During the first half your peepers are your meditation tools, and on the second half it is your mind that is utilized. Throughout the session, you will focus on nothing but the lighted candle (or any object that you prefer) using your eyes and then your mind.

How is It Begun?

To get started, you need to place the object you wish to focus on in front of you — it needs to be about an arm’s length away. Make sure that the object is at the same level as your chest. The objective is to save your eye muscles from becoming strained from looking upwards or downwards.

Once the object of your preference is in place, you may begin trataka by sitting before it on the floor. Start by closing your eyes for a few seconds. Open your peepers and focus on the object.

While staring at the object for several seconds, try not to blink. If what’s in front of you is a candle, it’s a good idea to focus on the tip of the flame.

When Should the Eyes be Closed?

After a few seconds, slowly close your eyes. This is why a candle is highly recommended — even with your eyes closed, you can still see its image, thus allowing you to use your mind without much trouble. Again, focus on the mental image of the candle for a few seconds.

You may have to use your imagination if the object in front of you is not a candle. That’s perfectly fine provided that you thinking about nothing else but the object.

Repeat all of these steps about 3 times or until you feel completely relaxed. According to the proponents of trataka, you may pair it with stating your mantra or taking slow deep breaths.

After trying out trataka, come back to this site and feel free to share your experiences with this meditation technique!

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