Have You Heard About Nitro Coffee and is It Healthier Than Regular Coffee?

If you have never tried having nitro coffee before but you are planning on enjoying it real soon, keep on reading. This article will get you introduced to some of the most important matters you need to know about it such as what it is and the benefits it has over regular coffee.

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How It’s Made

The name gives a hint as to what the secret ingredient is: nitrogen gas.

Nitro coffee is just like other fizzy beverages in that it also has bubbles in it. However, others are made bubbly using carbon dioxide while nitro coffee is made bubbly using nitrogen gas, which is something that tends to create tinier bubbles.

It’s for this reason exactly why texture-wise nitro coffee is comparable to beer rather than cola. But that’s a good thing because it possesses a rich texture that many coffee loves find irresistible.

And by the way, nitro coffee is served cold rather than the usual piping hot, which makes it a phenomenal summer beverage.

It Has Fewer Calories

Aside from making nitro coffee foamy, nitrogen gas also makes it kind of sweet — yes, the gas has some sweetness to it.

This is actually great news most especially for health- and weight-conscious individuals because there is no need to add a lot of sugar to nitro coffee just to make it an enjoyable drink. This means that a serving of it packs fewer calories than a serving of coffee with all sorts of fancy ingredients added to it.

We all know that the intake of lots of sugar can cause the waistline to expand, and that’s why those who like to drop or keep at bay excess pounds will be glad to learn about the existence of nitro coffee.

But it’s not just one’s figure that is on the line because of too much sugar, but also the health. A diet that’s high in sugar is a risk factor for diabetes, an incurable disease that can spawn all kinds of serious health nightmares if it’s not managed effectively. Some of those include heart disease, kidney disease, nerve damage and foot amputation.

There’s Less Acid

Aside from sugar, nitro coffee is also said to be less acidic than regular coffee. That’s because it is brewed at much lower temperatures compared to regular coffee — experts say that most acids in coffee tend to show up only at higher temperatures.

It’s for this reason exactly why nitro coffee may not leave someone with acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD with lots of digestive distress as when drinking regular coffee.

Because it’s less acidic, nitro coffee tends to be more pleasing to the taste buds even without the addition of sugar and other ingredients that are meant to make a serving of coffee taste even more phenomenal.

Sadly, less acidity also means fewer compounds with antioxidant properties present, such as chlorogenic acid. According to numerous scientific investigations, chlorogenic acid is something that can help fend off inflammation, diabetes and certain forms of cancer, too.

The Bottom Line

It’s completely up to you if prefer nitro coffee over regular coffee or vice versa. It all depends on your personal taste as well as health goal.

If you’re someone who likes his or her coffee cold-brewed, foamy and sweet without the excess calories, then you should definitely give a serving of nitro coffee a try soon.

After having nitro coffee, come back to this site and share below your initial experience with it.

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