Habits That Can Cause Neck Pain

According to experts, neck pain is quite common — up to 67 percent of the world’s population experiences it at one point. And there’s one more thing that the pros are certain about, and that’s the problem does not usually strike randomly. So in other words, it’s something that you have done that can be blamed for a bout of neck pain.

In this article, you will come across some of the habits that are touted as the common culprits for your neck pain. So if it seems like it’s all the time that your neck issue is, uhm, a pain in the neck, then just check which among the bad habits below you’re fond of committing — and quit committing them ASAP.

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Chewing Gum

Are you fond of popping a gum in your mouth and chewing like a cow? It’s not just a lot of people around you that you are annoying, but also your neck. Doctors say that chewing gum causes a lot of stress to that area where your jaw attaches to the rest of your skull. Such can eventually strain the various muscles situated in your neck as well as head.

If you cannot say no to chewing gum, here’s a trick that you may do to keep neck pain at bay: alternate chewing so that both sides of your jaw get the same amount of chewing action.

Cigarette Smoking

Everyone is well aware that smoking is a habit that can put the lungs and heart in danger. Unfortunately, not a lot of people — especially smokers themselves — know that cigarette smoking is also bad for the neck.

Studies have shown that smoking can accelerate the degeneration of the discs found in between the bones of the spine, and they include the ones located in the neck. So to keep your neck from aching and your life from being in grave danger, give up cigarette smoking today.


Health authorities say that failure to deal with stress can come with serious health risks in the long run. There are some repercussions for leading a stressful life that can be encountered right away, and one of them is neck pain. The tensing up of the muscles due to a toxic everyday schedule can certainly cause the neck to feel achy and sore.

Identify which everyday stressors you can eliminate from your life. Especially after a long and tiring day, it’s a good idea for you to engage in some stress-relieving activities like taking a relaxing bath or listening to calming music.

Smartphone Addiction

Do you spend most of your waking hours using your prized smartphone? Then don’t be surprised if it seems like you are experiencing neck pain practically every single day.

The primary reason why being hooked on your smartphone can cause your neck to ache is poor posture — it’s something that harms the muscles in your neck as well as shoulders and upper back. Experts suggest for you to bring your smartphone to your eye level each time you use it. Oh, and you should also minimize its use!

Carrying a Heavy Bag

Do you like large purses not because you want everyone to see it from a mile away but because you tend to carry a lot of stuff with you wherever you go? Then it’s very much likely for your neck to hurt all the time. Experts say that lugging around a bag that’s filled to capacity can strain the neck muscles.

Can’t quit carrying an overloaded bag all the time? Then opt for a bag with a wider strap. Also, don’t forget to regularly alternate between shoulders to keep neck pain from striking.

If your neck pain persists for days, worsens or becomes accompanied by other unusual symptoms such as arm weakness and leg pain, quit looking for answers on the internet. What you need to do ASAP is pay your doctor a visit so that the underlying cause may be identified and treated as necessary.

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