Got Stuffy Nose? Place a Few Drops of This Essential Oil in a Basin of Hot Water and See What Happens

Whenever your nasal passages are clogged up, you can always pop a decongestant in your mouth to attain relief from the problem. However, there are some unfavorable side effects that may show up, and some of them include excessive dryness of the nose, dizziness, heart palpitations and increased heart rate.

Not willing to put up with those things in exchange for being able to breathe properly through your nose? Then don’t put a decongestant in your mouth. What you need to do is reach for a small bottle of a particular essential oil that has been proving its sheer efficacy in putting an end to stuffy nose for hundreds of years now.

The said essential oil is one that’s obtained from the fresh leaves of the eucalyptus tree, which was once native to Australia but has eventually spread to various parts of the planet.

A Staple in Products for Congestion

Eucalyptus has a very distinct aroma, and you can actually smell it from various products that are formulated for people who are suffering from nasal congestion, such as inhalers and vapor rubs. But you don’t really have to purchase those products if you have a bottle of eucalyptus essential oil within your easy reach.

Other than being easy to find because it’s one of the most popular and sought after volatile oils out there, eucalyptus essential oil is also trouble-free to use for nasal congestion relief.

Really Easy to Employ

Most of the time, you simply have to uncap its bottle, place it just below your nose and take a whiff of it — instantly, you will experience its superb ability to open up your nasal passages, making it so much easier for you to breathe through your nose. But there is a much better way to use eucalyptus essential oil for relieving nasal congestion.

What you need to do is grab a small basin and fill it with hot water. Then place just a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil in it. Right after doing that, lower your face about a foot above the basin and drape a large towel over your head.

Start inhaling the eucalyptus-smelling vapor that is given off by the hot water in the basin. Take really deep breaths to make sure that the compounds in eucalyptus essential oil will get deep into nasal passages and start clearing away excess mucus that’s keeping you from breathing through your nose properly and comfortably.

Keep doing this until you feel some form of relief from nasal congestion, or there’s no more vapor given off. Once you are happy with the result, keep the towel draped over your head for a few more minutes — experts say that sudden changes in temperatures can actually cause congestion of the nasal passages to worsen.

For mild cases of nasal congestion, you may perform this up to twice a day. You may do this up to thrice per day if your problem is severe.

A Nifty Way to Use the Oil at Night

So what about during bedtime when doing the method stated above is not a practical step to make? Well, what you can do to keep nasal congestion at bay as you spend time in dreamland is this: place a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil on a cotton pad, and then stash it just below your pillowcase.

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