Get to Know the Benefits of Corn Silk

Corn silk — it’s that stringy stuff that’s leaving you one step away from enjoying the corn cob after peeling it.

Everyone simply throws corn silk away due to the fact that it’s something that cannot be eaten. Well, it’s not really poisonous so you may actually consume it. But because corn silk is indigestible, you might end up with a terrible case of indigestion or even bowel obstruction if you eat lots of it.

Did you know that corn silk actually offers a number of health benefits?

Since it’s not recommended for you to snack on corn silk, you first have to turn it into tea before you get to ingest it and take advantage of its various scientifically-proven amazing perks.

Turning corn silk into tea is simple: just allow a handful of strands to steep in boiling water until the water turns brownish. You may store corn silk for a few days in an air-tight container stashed inside the refrigerator. If you want to extend the shelf life, dry corn silk under the sun and keep in the freezer.

Now that you know how to administer corn silk and also keep it around for future use, it’s time for us to check out some of the benefits of corn silk.

It Helps Deal With a UTI

Are you 100% sure that it is a UTI that you are suffering from and not anything else that has something to do with the excretory system?

Then feel free to deal with it at home with the help of corn silk. Tea out of it possesses strong diuretic properties — increasing the amount of your pee helps flush UTI-causing bacteria out of your body.

It Helps Keep Kidney Stones at Bay

Some people are simply more prone to having kidney stones than the rest.

If you’re one of those unfortunate kidney stone-formers, then there’s no need to fret for as long as you have easy access to corn silk — its ability to increase your kidneys’ production of urine can help considerably minimize your risk of ending up those blasted kidney stones.

It Helps Lower the Blood Pressure

Certain medications for dealing with high blood pressure or hypertension work by flushing excess water out of the body, reducing the blood volume and also its pressure reading.

Taking corn silk tea is a great idea if you are diagnosed with hypertension and your doctor confirmed that it’s something that you may be able to deal with via some lifestyle and dietary changes.

It Helps Reduce Cholesterol

Aside from the blood pressure, corn silk can also lower the levels of cholesterol in your bloodstream. Keeping your cholesterol in check will prevent you from having arterial clogging which can increase your risk of a heart attack or stroke.

For best results, have a healthy lifestyle and also opt for wholesome eating.

It Helps Control the Blood Sugar

The intake of corn silk in the form of tea is also good for people with diabetes or at high risk of it.

Such is due to the fact that corn silk is said to have blood sugar-lowering properties, which is vital for keeping diabetes-related complications at bay. If you are already taking medications for your blood sugar, skip taking corn silk tea.

It Helps Boost the Immune System

Corn silk is rich in vitamin C, and that’s why every cup of it in tea form is something that can help strengthen your immune system. Because your body is safeguarded against attacking microbes, you don’t wind up sick all the time.

By the way, you also need vitamin C for healthy and beautiful skin dying of it neutralizes free radicals that speed up skin aging and also promotes increased synthesis of collagen that prevents sagging and wrinkling.

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