Get to Know Sunday Night Insomnia More

Are you having an extremely difficult time getting much-needed sleep on a Sunday night so that you may get the new week started right? You are not alone. According to a survey, about 1 in every 4 people confessed to being an insomniac just before Monday strikes. And there’s actually a name for it — Sunday night insomnia.

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Also sometimes referred to as Sunday-somnia, Sunday night insomnia is something that’s bugging lots and lots of people although it’s not regarded as a medical condition. But despite of this, it doesn’t mean that it is nothing serious. Just like regular insomnia, this is a problem that can complicate your life as well as your health.

Experts say that Sunday night insomnia is brought about by one thing only, and that’s anxiety. We all know that anxiety can keep us from getting some Z’s at night because our minds simply cannot relax. Our stress hormones can also elevate because of anxiety, and that can undeniably fuel a bout of insomnia further.

Anxiety that strikes at bedtime during Sunday evenings can take a variety of forms. For many, the fact that the weekend is finally over can already leave them feeling anxious — they have to wait for 5 long days that feel like an eternity before they can finally enjoy Saturday and Sunday once again with their family and friends.

For some people, anxiety that causes them Sunday night insomnia is all about the struggle that one has to go through on a Monday morning just to get from home to the workplace. It’s no secret that Monday morning rush hour is hell on Earth, and thinking about it can easily leave anyone sleepless on a Sunday evening.

Meetings — these are also some of the most common culprits behind Sunday night insomnia. It’s a well-known fact that a Monday morning commonly involves at least one meeting that focuses on progress reports and status updates. Clearly, it’s one of those things that can easily make everyone have cold sweats as soon as it crosses the mind.

The problem with Sunday night insomnia is it can make anyone more susceptible to further anxiety as the week progresses. Experts have long established the fact that insomnia can contribute to anxiety. Similarly, anxiety is something that can trigger insomnia. It’s apparent that one is fueling the other, and there seems to be no escape!

Battling Sunday night insomnia can be done using the same steps as dealing with insomnia. Some of the most effective ones include reducing the use of digital devices at bedtime and steering clear of anything with caffeine a few hours before hitting the hay. Definitely, directly addressing one’s cause of anxiety can help a lot.

Are you like many people who are suffering from Sunday night insomnia? If so, how does it ruin the entire week for you and how do you deal with it? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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