Get to Know the Medicinal and Nutritional Properties of Fat Hen

It may have a funny name, but you will surely take fat hen seriously once you get to know its medicinal and nutritional properties. Here’s something that will get the ball rolling: fat hen is related to quinoa — yep, that superfood that a lot of health-conscious individuals can’t stop raving about.

Fat hen got its name from the fact that it was given to poultry to make them really fat. Oftentimes, it’s also used as sheep and pig food. In Britain, by the way, fat hen is sometimes called “dirty dick”. That’s because the said herb can be commonly found growing in animal manure which come aplenty in farmlands.

Medicinal Properties

Traditional healers oftentimes turn fat hen into tea and give it to those who have liver problems. The same beverage is usually given to constipated individuals as it has mild laxative properties. Strongly brewed fat hen tea is commonly recommended for getting rid of intestinal parasites.

For relieving painful and inflamed joints, the leaves of fat hen are pounded. In some areas of the planet, the parts of the herb found above soil level are ground, and the extracts are mixed with alcohol to make some sort of liniment. Poultice out of fat hen is proven effective against the likes of insect bites and sunburn.

The leaves of fat hen are often chewed by males in order to boost their sperm count, making them more fertile. Sometimes the same method is recommended for those who are suffering from urinary tract infections or UTIs. Indeed, there are many health issues that can be easily remedied with fat hen.

Nutritional Properties

Without a doubt, animal farms are not the only ones that can benefit from the consumption of fat hen, but humans as well. The leaves can be eaten as vegetables. However, unlike other leafy greens, the leaves of fat hen are not meant to be consumed raw — they have to be cooked thoroughly.

Cooked fat hen leaves contain potassium. This only means that they are ideal for people who have hypertension as the said mineral present in fat hen is known to help lower blood pressure. Fat hen leaves also contain calcium and phosphorous, and both of these minerals are important for making the bones and teeth strong.

Nutrition experts say that fat hen leaves also supply the body with vitamin A. Everyone is well-aware that this vitamin is crucial for warding off many eye diseases, most especially the kinds that can cost you your vision. There are also B vitamins in fat hen which provide the body with energy and also keep the nerves healthy.



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