Get to Know the Health Benefits Offered by Garlic Scapes

We all know how powerful garlic is. If you love this herb because of the many perks it brings, then you will surely fall in love with garlic scapes — the loopy stalks that grow from garlic bulbs.

One of the nicest things about garlic scapes is the fact that they possess flavor that is so much milder than garlic itself. It’s exactly because of this why even those who are not fond of the strong pungent taste of garlic will not have a hard time including garlic scapes in their diet by having them sautéed or stir fried, or tossed into salads or soups.

Just because garlic scapes are so much easier on the taste buds than garlic doesn’t mean that they’re not as beneficial as their root source — garlic scapes are also worthy of receiving lots and lots of attention!

Since they are basically one and the same, garlic scapes and garlic bulbs share some impressive properties that enable them to offer an assortment of health benefits, many of which are simply hard to believe. Here are some of the most remarkable perks that garlic scapes are known to bring, as proven by scientists:

Reduced Inflammation

Just like garlic, these loopy herbs that kind of look like the tail of pigs are also very good at controlling inflammation. It’s due to this exactly why individuals who are suffering from various inflammatory conditions, from acne to joint pain, can benefit tremendously from the inclusion of garlic scapes in their diet on a regular basis.

Speaking of joint pain, garlic scapes are also capable of maintaining optimal joint structure, scientists say. These stalks are said to boast of substances that are powerful enough to inhibit enzymes produced by the body that tend to attack and damage healthy tissues in the joints. So whether your joints are constantly aching or you just want to ensure that they can stay strong and capable for life, regularly consume garlic scapes.

Increased Body Protection

Garlic scapes are known to help increase the production of glutathione, which is the most powerful antioxidant in the body. Because of this, the regular addition of garlic scapes to various dishes can help in getting your body defended so much better against oxidative stress, which is linked to the development of many different health problems.

Experts say that garlic scapes also promote healthier liver and kidneys, both of which are organs of elimination. As a result, the body becomes more protected against the negative effects of toxins.

Boosted Blood Oxygen

Speaking of toxins, their presence can keep the bloodstream from supplying the various cells in your body with optimum levels of oxygen. By having those poisonous substances neutralized, the blood becomes so much more efficient at distributing oxygen, which is necessitated by each and every cell of your body to function. When your cells are working effectively, it can be easier for you to stay in the pink of health.

Having optimized oxygen levels in the blood is also good for your skin. With increased amounts of oxygen, the aging process of the skin can be slowed down, which translates to wrinkle and sagginess prevention. Also, the addition of blood oxygen-boosting garlic scapes to your diet can result in noticeably radiant complexion.

Lowered Cancer Risk

Numerous studies have also shown that garlic scapes may have the ability to lower a person’s risk of having cancer. Well, this doesn’t really come as a big shocker because garlic itself is known to help fight off the big C.

We all know how deadly cancer can be. Some forms of the disease can be hard to identify without rigorous screening, making them so much easier to get to more advanced stages which makes them harder to cure. You can lower the chances of you having to go through such ordeal simply by consuming garlic scapes more often.

Not too many people are aware of garlic scapes and the amazing health benefits they offer. Let your family and friends know them, too, by sharing this article!

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