Fragrance Hacks for Smelling Good All The Time

Have you ever wondered how some people can smell good all day long? It is easy to assume that they have been reapplying their  perfume every few hours, but it might be because they are using fragrance hacks to make their scent last longer. Although there is nothing wrong with applying fragrance all the time, you might be using up your product faster which can cost you money in the long run. Try these hacks so that you will be able to keep your scent longer throughout the day.

Store perfume correctly

If you want to maintain your scent for hours, then you need to learn where to store your perfume. Instead of putting them in the bathroom or by the window, move it to a dry spot and away from the window so that the sun won’t break down the molecules of your perfume. This will make the smell last longer when you apply it on your skin.

Apply moisturizer

Your perfume can last longer if you have oily skin because the scent binds to the skin better. So if you have dry skin, make it a point to apply moisturizer first. Massage the lotion gently until your skin has absorbed it before putting on your perfume. You will find that the scent will last longer this way.

Spray after you take a shower

Another fragrance hack to do is to spray your fragrance after you take a shower. This will help keep your scent longer in the day, plus it won’t stain your clothes or even your jewelry for that matter. Try it out and you’ll smell good all day long.

Don’t rub

Most of us tend to rub our wrists together after spraying perfume on it but this is actually making your fragrance stay on your skin for a short time only. This is because you are removing the top layer of the fragrance through friction. You may wonder why others are doing it but this is just a fad. Skip this habit and you’ll find that your fragrance lasts longer compared to before.

Spray on pulse points

If you want your fragrance to last all day long, you should spray your fragrance on your pulse points such as behind your ears, on your neck, inside your elbows, below the midriff, behind the knees, calves, and feet. You will find that the scent of your perfume will last throughout the day.

Add perfume to your hair

This doesn’t mean that you should spray directly on your hair as this can dry your hair strands up. Spray some on your comb or brush and comb your hair with it. This will transfer the particles on your hair strands without damaging your hair.

Customize your scent

If you want to stand out, you can combine different fragrances until you get the right combination. Use a blotting paper for this so you will be able to figure out which one is to your liking. Start with the strongest scent first before applying the lighter one. If you have found your combination, apply on your skin. Keep in mind that the oils on your skin can alter the scent a bit so adjust as needed.

Walk into the mist

Be careful when applying fragrance as you don’t want to put too much of it. This depends on how concentrated your scent is. If you want a light scent, spray some into the air then walk into it. This will disperse the molecules of the fragrance, leaving that light scent on your hair, skin, and clothes.

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