Foods to Avoid If You Have Anxiety

Severe anxiety can be debilitating. It’s exactly for this reason why many people who are diagnosed with it are prescribed with medications in order to help them reinstate having normal everyday lives. Unfortunately, many of these drugs for anxiety can be quite addictive. Also making it extremely difficult for most anxiety sufferers to stop taking them is the fact that nasty withdrawal symptoms can strike.

If you have anxiety and you want a drug-free approach to dealing with it, fret not as there are so many all-natural ways to have your mental health problem managed effectively. One of those is by minding carefully what you eat.

In this article, you will come across some of the foods that you should avoid if you don’t want your anxiety to keep you from having a smooth-sailing day. Feel free to share this article on your different social media sites later on especially if you have family and friends who are also suffering from anxiety and don’t like to manage it by taking medications.


Are you aware that majority of your brain’s supply of serotonin,which is one of your many happy hormones, is manufactured in the gut? It’s exactly for this reason why maintaining optimum gut health is a must. Studies have shown that gluten is something that can wreak havoc on the gut especially if you have gluten intolerance or celiac disease.

You can find gluten lurking in so many food products like wheat, barley, rye and anything that contains any of them.


Nutrition experts confirm that dairy products are phenomenal sources of protein, calcium and B vitamins. Unfortunately, they are also pro-inflammatory — they can cause inflammation to happen within you.

Inflammation can be especially harsh on your gut. And just like what’s mentioned earlier, it’s important for any anxiety sufferer to keep his or her gut in a healthy state. It’s exactly for this reason why researches found out that many people experienced an increase in anxiety a few minutes after having dairy.

Sugary Treats

It’s no secret that anything that’s loaded with sugar is bad.Something that is sugary is twice as bad for a person with anxiety. According to mental health experts, when the levels of sugar in the bloodstream spike and en crash, significant mood changes strike, something that can trigger an anxiety attack.

Besides, studies have shown that a diet that’s high in sugar can keep the body from adapting very well to stress — having anxiety can be a very stressful ordeal!


We all know that caffeine in coffee can cause symptoms such as nausea, agitation, heart palpitations and tremors — all of which are the very symptoms that are experienced by an anxiety sufferer during an attack. Needless to say, the consumption of coffee can worsen anxiety.

It’s not just coffee that you should avoid, by the way, but also anything else that has caffeine in it.


While it’s a fact that alcohol has a sedating effect on the mind and body, the truth is the intake of such beverage can be disastrous for an anxiety sufferer. This is most especially true if it’s consumed excessively —alcohol introduces toxins into the body that can negatively impact the levels of happy hormones in the brain.

Besides, alcohol can also keep you from having a good night’s sleep — it’s a must for anyone with anxiety to have a restorative kind of sleep to keep attacks at bay.

WARNING:If your anxiety is ruining your life and also that of everyone around you, it’s a good idea for you to set up an appointment with a therapist or psychiatrist ASAP.

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