NutritionFoods that can Trigger Inflammation

Foods that can Trigger Inflammation

You’ve probably tried cutting back on your calorie intake and constantly worked out in the gym but if you’re still having a hard time losing excess fat in your midsection, chances are your body is going against your need to lose weight.

There are many factors that can contribute to this condition such as stress, lack of sleep and such. It is also possible that the foods that you are eating are actually causing inflammation which prevents your body to burn fat. So which foods are actually triggering inflammation in your body? Well, here are some that you should take note of.

Vegetable oil. Processed foods that we so love to eat are often injected with vegetable oil. The problem with this is that vegetable oil contains high amounts of omega-6 which can actually cause inflammation unlike omega-3 which prevents this from occurring.

Meat. You don’t really need to become a vegan but you should make it a point to consider meat as the background on your plate rather than being the main character. Poultry and meat are considered as inflammatory foods so make sure that you add more vegetables and whole grains on your plate to balance things out.

Artificial additives. The term artificial means chemicals or compounds that our body don’t normally produce. So imagine the amounts of artificial additives we consume on a daily basis based on the processed foods and sweetened snacks that we indulge ourselves with.

Iodized salt. Too much salt on our body can trigger inflammation so instead of using iodized salt, Celtic salt or sea salt might be a better alternative. Keep in mind that sodium goes along with magnesium, potassium, and calcium so try using unrefined salt as it contains more minerals aside from sodium.

Dairy. Eating a moderate amount of yogurt can actually help prevent inflammation from occurring but having dairy products on a regular basis can do the opposite. Consuming full-fat dairy has actually been found to disrupt the healthy bacteria in our gut. If you’re feeling a bit bloated after eating some cheese, this might be a trigger for inflammation.

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Alcohol. Another type of food that can trigger inflammation is alcohol. High in sugar content, alcoholic beverages can take a toll on your liver because it triggers inflammation. This is why you need to keep your intake down to a minimum or not drink alcohol.

Sweets and white sugar. Believe it or not, indulging your sweet tooth can actually trigger inflammation in your body. The good news is that you don’t really need to give up on your favorite sweeteners but you need to minimize your intake. Instead of grabbing a chocolate bar for a snack, snack on fruits instead as they can satisfy your sweet tooth.

These are just a few examples of foods that can actually cause inflammation to occur. As much as possible, reduce your intake of them whenever possible so you don’t have to suffer from health issues that are related to inflammation.








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