Acne breakouts can ruin your day and your self-confidence for that matter. Aside from puberty, there are other factors that can contribute to acne such as the type of skin that you have, your lifestyle, and of course, the food that you eat. Although there are still studies being conducted on what actually triggers acne, there are certain types of food that can be linked to flare ups. Take note, however, that not all people react the same way when it comes to food triggers.

If you are wondering which foods can cause acne or pimples to appear, here are a few examples that you need to know about.

Candy. We’re all guilty of snacking on the sweet stuff such as those chocolate bars we keep hidden in our drawers. Unfortunately, eating foods that are high in sugar content can reduce your elastin and collagen production not to mention increase your risk of triggering acne. Teens and adults alike who love candies might want to rethink their snacking habits if they want to minimize acne breakout.

Chips. Potato chips and other salty snacks contain high amounts of carbs that can cause inflammation. This, in turn, can cause oxidative stress that can harm your collagen and DNA. When you keep eating these carb-rich snacks, you will soon notice more fine lines and wrinkles appearing on your skin.

Sodas and juices. Most juices are just a delivery system for all those sugary ingredients and they actually pack quite a lot compared to sodas. However, this isn’t the only thing that makes this beverage bad for your skin. Sodas and juices actually lack in fiber content which can cause premature aging and acne break outs. Fiber is important when it comes to keeping your blood sugar levels balanced throughout the day so imagine what happens when you’re constant beverage is soda or juice.

Rice cakes. Rice cakes are seen as fat eliminator by models but studies have shown that snacking on them can actually cause your blood sugar to increase rapidly causing wrinkles to appear early.

Healthy cereals. You’re probably thinking that eating “healthy” cereals in the morning can help prevent weight gain and acne problems. Unfortunately, there are many healthy cereals that contain high amounts of sugar in them that can actually wreak havoc to your skin. Don’t be fooled with the label but rather check the ingredients used so you will know whether you are eating cereals that are indeed good for your health.

Sushi. A diet that is high in glycemic index is found to cause high insulin levels which in turn increase your risk of acne breakout. One reason behind this is that when you have insulin levels, it will trigger an inflammatory response which can cause acne to pop out. Foods that contain rice are those that fall under the high glycemic diet which you need to reduce your consumption if you want to keep acne at bay.