Food Swaps to Try when You’re in a Bad Mood

We all have those bad days from time to time which isn’t surprising when we are always exposed to stressful situations. Unfortunately, this takes a toll on our mood to the point that we become easy to anger. Most of the time we turn to food to help us alleviate our bad mood but our poor choices may only contribute to our worsening condition. If this is the case, then you need to find some better food swaps to elevate your mood.

  • Whole fruits instead of fruit juice. Although fruit juice can quench your thirst while delivering nutrients, the amount of sugar present in it can do more harm than good. When your sugar levels go up, you will feel better, it’s true, but there is also something called sugar crash can wreak havoc to your energy and your mood. A better option would be to go for whole fruits where the nutrients are easier to absorb with less sugar to worry about.
  • Dark chocolate. We often find eating chocolate as a way to beat stress but those chocolate bars that you’ve been eating are actually adding calories to your weight. Not only that, but milk chocolate can cause acne to pop out especially when you eat too much. A better option? Choose dark chocolate which has up to 70% cacao content. What makes this a better choice is because it is good for the heart while improving your mood. Just limit your intake to a single small square as too much can be a bad thing.
  • Go for balsamic or oil dressing. Another food swap that can actually help you feel better is using balsamic vinegar or olive oil for your salad dressing. These two are actually known to elevate your mood while at the same time protect you against various health issues because of their antioxidant contents.
  • If your thoughts are leaning towards the negative, it is better to munch on some kale to brighten up your outlook. Kale is actually packed with carotenoids and antioxidants which are the ones responsible for giving you that positive vibe. Aside from kale, look for other dark leafy greens to add to your diet and your mood will definitely be on the happier side.
  • Lean meats are good. Processed foods for lunch may satisfy your hunger but their salt content can make you feel bloated which can make you feel out of sorts once your stomach distended. Do you want to avoid this when you eat out? Go for lean meats because they are packed with proteins that are low in calorie content.
  • Greek yogurt. Have some Greek yogurt when you’re feeling out of sorts and your calcium levels will skyrocket. This will help you shake off that feeling of depression or irritability because your calcium levels are well-balanced.

These are just a few examples of ideal food swaps that you can try when you’re not in the mood. For sure you’ll notice significant improvements in no time.




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