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Eyebag Management

Eyebags, also known as under-eye bags, refers to the appearance of swelling in the tissues around the eyes, called orbits. It is usually caused by fluid accumulation around the eyes, a reason why eyebags are sometimes referred to as periorbital edema. Generally, minor puffiness can be seen below the eyes, but sometimes, they could be present all around the eye area. The puffiness may also increase in the size of the fat pad below the lower eyelids.

According to Web MD, eyebags or dark circles have several causes. They include hyperpigmentation or increased melanin, which may also be associated with allergies; broken blood vessels; and fat loss under the eye or shadowing mainly secondary to skin laxity. As per the publication, too much caffeine and tobacco, as well as little sleep is a less common cause of eye puffiness and eye bags.

Since under-eye bags are usually caused by water retention secondary to increased concentration of salt in the orbital area, drinking plenty of water is recommended. Retention leads to drawing of water to the face, collecting it under the eyes. This is the reason why one might wake up with eyebags. By drinking water, excess salt will be flushed from the system. Also, one should stay away from drinks like coffee and alcohol, since they may lead to dehydration.

The eyes can be soothed with something cold. Some women and men play cucumbers over their eyes, since the low temperature in cucumbers help sooth the area. Cucumbers serve as the usual choice in eyebag management, since they have the perfect texture, size, and shape to treat eyebags. If cucumbers are not available, one can use teabags to reduce eyebags. They are wet and chilled in the freezer or the refrigerator before placing them over the eyes. In addition, using a soothing tea, such as chamomile or peppermint, provides aromatherapy. Teabags have tannin, which can help ease eyebags.

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As per Web MD, managing one’s allergies also help control eyebags. According to the publication, allergy and watery puffy eye go together. Over-the-counter medications are available to handle colds, allergies, or sinus infections. Also, creams can be applied to the eyes. New York City dermatologist Joshua Zeichner told Elle that the cream caused muscles on blood vessel walls to constrict, helping minimize puffiness from leaky blood vessels and could make a bluish under-eye discoloration look less apparent.

According to Mayo Clinic, the bags under the eyes are usually harmless and do not necessitate medical care. However, they can be signs of certain medical conditions. If the swelling is severe, persistent, is accompanied by redness, itching, or pain, or affects other parts of the body like the legs, it is best to see a doctor. This way, potential causes that can lead to the swelling, such as thyroid disease, allergy, or infection, can be ruled out.

For a faster solution for eyebags, one may put on some concealer, to hide under-eye bags and circles. Along with concealer, light makeup can also be applied to decrease the appearance of the bags while keeping a fresh look. In applying a concealer, one should use a concealer that matches the skintone. A lighter shades concealer can be applied with the finger or a cotton ball. It is dabbed on lightly than rubbing into the skin and the concealer that stays on the surface of the skin conceals eyebags more effectively. For it to stay in place all day, a matte powder and a blush brush can be used to apply a little powder under the eyes.

Along with adequate sleep, eye bags can be managed with proper nutrition, physical activity, and discipline.



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