Exercises for Dealing With Hip Dips

Exercises for Dealing With Hip Dips

Hip dips are indentations that are situated just below the hipbone. Because of the way they make your hips appear, many women sometimes refer to them as violin hips. Doctors, on the other hand, call them trochanteric depression.

According to experts, hip dips are a commonplace. In fact, about 90 percent of all women have them — some cases are more pronounced, while others not so much. Even though hip dips do not have anything to do with one’s health status, a lot of women who have them are not happy with their existence.

The severity of the appearance of hip dips can be due to factors such as muscle distribution and amount of fat present. Also role players are the shape of the pelvis and the width of the hipbone itself. So in other words, those genes of yours are the ones to blame for those hip dips.

Luckily, there are padded undergarments that can help in reducing hip dips. Then there are also a few exercises that may be performed on a regular basis to make those indentations less noticeable. Some of them include:


Everybody knows that squats are some of the best exercises for shaping the buttocks. However, not too many people are aware that they are also excellent for improving the appearance of hip dips.

Start by standing up straight. Place your hands on your waist and position your feet just a little more than hip-width apart. While keeping you back straight, slowly lower your buttocks to the floor. Exhale as you do so. Stop as soon as your knees are about to extend beyond your toes. Slowly stand back up while inhaling.

Do squats 10 to 12 times whenever you exercise to get rid of those hip dips effectively.

Side-to-Side Squats

If you want to get rid of hip dips more effectively, you can take on a more challenging form of squats, and it’s something that involves you going from one side to the other each time you squat.

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The starting position is the same as when you are doing squats, except your feet should be together. Move your left foot to the left as you lower your buttocks to the floor. As you slowly get back up, take your left foot back right next to your right foot. As you do another squat, take your right foot to your right this time.

Keep doing alternating side-to-side squats for a total of 20 to 24 times each time you exercise.

Standing Side Leg Raises

Leg raises are commonly done while you’re on the floor, but they can also be carried out while you are standing up for a more convenient way to make those hip dips less noticeable.

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To get started, stand right next to a wall or sturdy table. Place your hand on it for support, and then stand up straight with your feet together. Place all of your weight on your leg next to your chosen support as you lift your other foot off the floor sideways. Do 12 times, making sure that you engage those muscles in your hips each time.

Perform 12 more standing side leg raises using your other leg, this time with a support on your other side.

Glute Bridges

Even though the name makes it clear that performing bridges is for working out the glutes or buttock muscles, it’s also very good at making those unsightly indentations on your hips a little less defined.

For this particular exercise for hip dips, you need to be lying on the floor. Bend your knees at about 45° and then place your arms on your sides, with your palms planted on the floor. Slowly, take your buttocks off the floor until your trunk and upper legs are forming a straight line. Hold for a couple of seconds, and then go back to the starting position.

Do 12 to 15 glute bridges. On the last repetition, try to hold the position for about 10 seconds.

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