Essential Oils for Combating Fatigue

In this day and age, fatigue is a commonplace. It doesn’t really come as a big shock because everyone has no choice but to work a lot harder just to keep up with the demands of a fast-paced living.

You are reading this article because, just like millions of people out there, you are bugged by fatigue that keeps you from carrying out the rest of your tasks and responsibilities at the workplace and home, and numerous personal undertakings such as going to the gym to stay healthy and fit, and engaging in a hobby for your happiness.

Well, certain types of essential oils can actually help revivify both your mind and body, allowing you to enjoy respite from fatigue. Check which of these essential oils can work to your advantage:

Basil Essential Oil

Still got lots of tasks to complete that requires mental concentration and focus? Then you can count on basil essential oil which helps in boosting mental functioning. It’s also very good for those who are left depressed by their toxic lives. Do take note that basil essential oil should be taken in small amounts only as too much can leave you dazed.

Peppermint Essential Oil

A lot of people reach for a cup of coffee to deal with mental fatigue. If you tend to develop unfavorable symptoms after taking caffeine, you may rely on peppermint essential oil to enhance brain function. By the way, you may also take it when you have an upset stomach, a common problem shared by those with stressful lives.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Taking a whiff of eucalyptus essential oil is usually enough for you to attain relief from both mental and physical fatigue. Just like peppermint essential oil, you may also take it when you have an upset stomach. By the way, this essential oil may be employed for attaining relief from achy and sore muscles and joints naturally and effectively.

Rosemary Essential Oil

One essential oil that is revered for its superb ability to rejuvenate the mind and body is rosemary essential oil. Its highly camphorous aroma is powerful enough to stimulate mental functioning as well as energize the muscles. However, refrain from relying on this essential oil a few hours before bedtime as you may fail to have a good night’s sleep!

Geranium Essential Oil

It’s not uncommon for having a stressful life to cause not only fatigue, but also depression and anxiety. Well, you can attain much-needed relaxation without slowing you down with the help of geranium essential oil. But just like rosemary essential oil, try to avoid geranium essential oil a few hours before hitting the sack.

Cinnamon Essential Oil

Always finding your cognitive functioning compromised? Then reach for a small bottle of cinnamon essential oil. This yummy-smelling oil is known to stimulate circulation of blood to the brain. As a result, your noodle is supplied with optimum levels of oxygen and nutrients, promoting its superb functioning.

Ginger Essential Oil

Last but not least, there is ginger essential oil that you may turn to whenever fatigue kicks in, mental and physical alike. Just like cinnamon essential oil, it helps in improving blood circulation. You may also rely on ginger essential oil each time your fatigue comes with digestive issues like an upset stomach, queasiness and excess gas.

It’s important to note that stress is not the only thing that can cause fatigue, but certain medical conditions as well. Some of them include low blood sugar, fibromyalgia, anemia, chronic bronchitis, heart failure and even depression. It’s very important for you to be seen by a doctor if it seems like your fatigue is relentless in order to determine whether it is due to an underlying medical problem or just the result of leading a very busy life.

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