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Drink Tea Out of Mangosteen Rind and Enjoy These Health Benefits

The mangosteen fruit comes from various Southeast Asian countries and they are popular all over the planet because of their superb xanthone content. In a nutshell, xanthones are organic compounds that are scientifically proven to control inflammation, neutralize excess free radicals, fight off microbes and zap cancerous cells.

Because of all the impressive abilities of xanthones, there are lots of mangosteen pills and capsules being sold on the current market, which are highly appealing to health-conscious individuals.

Mangosteen tea is sought after by many because it enables them to benefit from the xanthone content of mangosteen fruits in a refreshing way.

Did you know that it’s quite easy to create mangosteen tea from scratch? This is most especially true if you have access to fresh mangosteen fruits. No, it’s not the milk-colored, sour-tasting flesh of the mangosteen fruit that you can make into tea, but its rind that is usually discarded.

So why is it that the rind of the mangosteen fruit is the one that’s perfect for tea-making? Well, it’s for the fact that much of those powerful xanthones can be found in the rind! Turning the rind into tea rather than flinging it into the trash can help ensure that you get to supply your body with lots xanthones.

Before we tackle some of the reasons why it’s a good idea for you to consume mangosteen tea, let’s first discuss the possible steps on how to make tea from the rind of the mangosteen fruit:

You can immediately whip up a cup of mangosteen tea after enjoying a piece of mangosteen fruit by thoroughly washing the rind under running water, and then allowing it to boil in two cups of water. Let it keep on boiling until only about a cup of water is remaining. Strain and then add a teaspoon of honey or lemon juice to taste. 

You may also choose to accumulate lots of mangosteen rinds and then have them dehydrated for a longer shelf life. To do this, wash and stash the rind in the freezer each time you consume a mangosteen fruit. Once you are happy with the amount of rinds collected, let them thaw and then place them under the sun until they are completely dry. The use of a food dehydrator may be done, too. Once dry, you have to pulverize the rinds with the help of a blender or coffee grinder, and then store in an airtight container in the fridge. Let 1 to 2 heaping teaspoons of the powdered mangosteen rind steep in a cup of boiling water for a few minutes, strain, add a little honey or lemon juice, and then consume.

So what are the reasons for you to regularly drink tea out of mangosteen rind?

It helps improve digestion.

By making sure that your body gets to unlock much of the nutrients in food, it can be easier for optimum health to be attained. You can feel livelier and more productive by making a cup of mangosteen tea a part of your daily life.

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It controls blood sugar.

Consuming mangosteen tea is known to help keep the levels of sugar in the blood from going beyond what’s regarded as healthy and normal level, which makes the beverage highly beneficial for people with diabetes and those who are at risk of the disease.

It encourages weight reduction.

Trying to lose excess pounds? Then make it a habit to consume freshly-brewed mangosteen tea. The fact that it helps regulate blood sugar makes it very good at warding off cravings.

It strengthens the immune system.

Because of the loads of xanthones present in every cup of mangosteen tea, your body will find it easier to protect itself from the nasty effects of stress and inflammation. It also becomes more capable of zapping invading microbes.

It may lower heart disease risk.

The antioxidant properties of xanthones help to lower the blood pressure and bad cholesterol, resulting in the utmost protection of the heart.

It is proven to fight off cancer.

Numerous scientific investigations have shown that the mangosteen fruit — be it fresh or in capsule or tea form — is capable of warding off cancer, thanks to the loads of xanthones it contains that are revered for their anti-cancer properties.

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