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Drink These Herbal Teas to Attain Relief From Constipation

Generally speaking, the more fluids you consume and the more physically active you are, the less likely for you to become constipated. But because you are leading a toxic life, sometimes you tend to forget to drink enough water and prefer to plop on the couch than use the treadmill. And that’s why it’s not unlikely for constipation to strike from time to time.

Keeping hydrated, including more fiber-rich foods in the diet like fruits and vegetables, and exercising regularly can help in reversing constipation. In severe cases, you may be tempted to get your hands on laxatives and fiber supplements, both of which you can obtain at your local pharmacy without presenting a doctor’s prescription.

But did you know that there are also herbal teas around that can help put an end to your bout of constipation? What’s so great about these all-natural remedies for constipation is you do not have to worry about getting some side effects — yup, the intake of laxatives and fiber supplements can in fact yield side effects, many of which uncomfortable.

So if you’re ready to bring back your normal bowel movement without the need to rely on laxatives and fiber supplements and put up with the various side effects that come with their usage, continue reading. The following are some of the most effective herbal teas that you may brew at home to attain relief from constipation as soon as possible:

Dandelion Tea

Commonly used for dealing with indigestion, bloating and urinary tract infections or UTIs, dandelion tea may actually be used for getting rid of constipation ASAP. That’s because this well-known herbal beverage possesses mild laxative properties, meaning it helps encourage the evacuation of the bowels in a gentle and safe fashion.

Peppermint Tea

A lot of people consume a freshly-brewed cup of peppermint tea whenever they suffer from an upset stomach. However, not too many know that it’s also something that’s good at easing constipation. If you’re prone to having constipation, you may actually consume peppermint tea in order to make sure that such uncomfortable GI tract issue won’t bug you.

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Tulsi Tea

Sometimes referred to as holy basil tea, tulsi tea is a popular Ayurvedic remedy for constipation — meaning it’s an age-old solution coming from India. The truth is there are so many other things that can be healed by this herbal tea aside from constipation. Some of them include anxiety, chronic stress, asthma and even heart disease.

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Licorice Root Tea

If you love the taste of various licorice-flavored treats, then you are not going to have a hard time zapping constipation with the help of a cup of licorice black root tea. What’s so nice about this herbal beverage is it also helps flush out toxins and waste materials that have collected in the gut, thus ensuring an optimally-functioning digestive system.

Clove Tea

Having poor digestion is one of the common reasons behind a bout of constipation. If your digestion is not in tip-top shape, then consider drinking a cup of clove tea on a regular basis — it can help improve the process of digestion, thus lowering your constipation risk. But even if you’re already constipated, this herbal drink can remain very helpful.

Green or Black Tea

Worry not if you don’t have any time obtaining any of the above herbal teas from a health food shop. That’s because you may simply brew yourself a cup of either green or black tea, which can be obtained practically everywhere. However, refrain from taking green or black tea before bedtime as its caffeine content may keep you from falling asleep.

JUST A FEW WORDS OF CAUTION: If your constipation doesn’t go away a few days after giving any of the herbal teas mentioned above to work wonders, it’s a good idea to seek the help of your doctor.

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