Different Type of Blush and How to Use Them

One important makeup item you need to have in your kit is a blush. A simple dusting of blush on your cheek can add color to your face. It can come in different shades and is a lot easier to experiment with when it comes to skin tones. Darker blushes, brown, bright pinks and so on. However, besides powdered blushes – what other type do you know about and how do you use them? To help you out we’ve gathered the major type of blushes and the best way to apply them. From classic powder blushes to gels. Each blush has a specific characteristic that is perfect for different situations and skin types. See which one would best suit your needs.

Powder Blush

The powder blush is one of the most used and popular type of blush. Due to its popularity, it contains more shade variation than other types of blushes. Powder blushes are good for all skin types. It can be easily blended and remove from the skin. It creates a long lasting hue. Some powder blushes can give you a matte flush and some a translucent glow. You can pick darker shades blushes to use a contour and use lighter ones to highlight your cheekbones. You can apply powdered blushes in numerous ways. You can use the patting method with your brush. Instead swiping it, you can gently pat the brush onto the skin giving that subtle color. You can also apply it with a circular motion. Do not put too much product onto your brush and swiping tool aggressively. Powder blushes are pigmented and can easily attach to the skin, giving you that clownish appearance.

Shimmer Blushes

Shimmer blushes can come in different types such a powder and gels, but it is mostly found in powder form. This is a more glamorous version of powder blushes. It can add a little more shine to your face and can work as a great highlighter. This product can be used with highlighters and contours. Do not use it with shimmery highlighters. Using both can make the skin appear oily or too shimmery. You can opt for darker shades of shimmer blushes to use as a bronzer. You can use it on the forehead, nose and jaw line.

Cream Blushes

Cream blushes are longer lasting and create a stronger shadow than regular powder blushes. It is great for that natural looking flush. You can easily apply cream blushes with your fingertips. It can be easily blended on to the skin. Cream blushes are perfect for dry skin since most cream blushes contain a moisturizing agent or oils that can keep the skin hydrated. This can prevent that flaky blush appearance.

Fluid or Gel Blush

Gel or Fluid type blushes can help add an instant glow to your cheeks without appearing too done up. Most of this type of blushes is oil free, making it perfect for oily skin. It can be a bit difficult to apply if you are new to blush. Apply this over foundation (no translucent powder) or bare skin. It can dry fast, so you will need to blend it as soon as you apply it on your face. A great plus side to using gel blushes is that is long wearing and looks natural. It also gives a smooth appearance.

Cheek Pencils

Cheek Pencils are one of the easiest blending blush. This is the perfect type of blush for beginners. Cheek pencils usually contain extra moisturizing agents that can help the skin look soft and natural. This type of blush is also versatile. It can be used as an eyeshadow or lip tint.

Tint Blush

Tint blushes are great if you really want something that is long lasting. It can withstand sweat, water and rubbing. However, this type of blush is quick drying. Applying too much can give you a visible mark on your cheek that will not fade until you use a makeup remover. This is perfect for oily skin. You need a fast hand to blend this product on the skin. Do not use too much to prevent it from getting streaky. You can use your fingers to blend it onto the skin.

Blush is one of the easiest makeup item to put on. But understanding how to properly use them can make or break your whole make up look. Look for important factors that apply to your skin and lifestyle when picking out blush types. Not all blushes are created equal. Some are better for oily skin and some better for longer wear. When picking up shades for your skin tone, try looking at yourself in the mirror after you work out or when you just pinched yourself. Find a color close to that shade and find close variations to it. This will guarantee that the color will fit your skin tone. Besides understand which type to use, learn about the right application for your face shape.

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