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Detox Water Recipes You Will Love

Are you wondering how you can lose weight, improve your immune system, boost your digestive system, and increase your energy levels? Well, enjoying a glass or two of some refreshing detox water recipes can certainly help you out. Doctors and health specialists alike recommend that you drink up to 8 glasses of water per day but sometimes, drinking plain water can be a bit boring. If you want to make your source of hydration more interesting, toss in some fruits, herbs, and even vegetables to get plenty of essential nutrients in your body.

If you are looking for detox water recipes to try, here are a few suggestions to consider.

  • Lemon and lime. You will never go wrong with mixing lemon and lime as these two citrus fruits improves digestion, removes toxins, rejuvenates the skin, and reduce inflammation. For this detox water recipe, you will need to add 1 sliced lemon, 1 sliced lime, and ½ slice of cucumber, in a pitcher of ice water. Let the ingredients steep and drink it throughout the day.
  • Peach and thyme detox. Another detox recipe that you can try out is the peach and thyme detox. The fruit will help deliver some important minerals to your body that will give your digestion a boost while thyme can aid in rejuvenating and refreshing your body from the inside out. This detox water can flush out any harmful toxins there are in your body so you will feel better afterwards.
  • Watermelon detox. If you want something refreshing that will help wake your body up, you might want to consider making some watermelon detox. What’s great about watermelon is that it has many health benefits from flushing the toxins from your body, increases blood flow, fights off inflammation, while giving your immune system a boost. To make this drink, just add a cup of cubed watermelon in a pitcher that is filled with ice water and add 6 to 8 mint leaves. Let it infuse overnight then drink the next day.
  • Strawberry and kiwi detox. For those who love fruits, combining strawberry and kiwi is guaranteed to remove all those stubborn toxins in your body. Strawberries are perfect for fighting off inflammation and cancer, can get rid of toxins, reduce risk of cancer, and improve one’s immune system. And because strawberries are packed with antioxidants, any free radicals that are damaging your body will be removed too. Just add six strawberries that are cut into disks in a pitcher of water as well as one kiwi cut into disks. And for the final touch, add 6 to 10 mint leaves then leave them to infuse in cool water. Drink afterwards to detoxify your whole body.
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These detox water recipes are just perfect when it comes to clearing up your digestive system of its impurities so that your skin will look young and healthy while your losing weight at the same time. Not bad for these simple drinks, right?




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