Remedies How to Deal With Abrasions at Home

How to Deal With Abrasions at Home

Abrasions refer to superficial skin damage, which means that only the epidermis (topmost layer of the skin) is affected. Mild cases of it do not involve bleeding but severe cases surely do, although commonly minimal only. Abrasions are easier to manage at home than lacerations or deep tears or cuts in the skin and the underlying tissues.

Bony areas of the body with thin skin are more susceptible to abrasions than areas that are fleshy and covered with thick skin. They are very common in children because of their being physical active and clumsy. Having abrasions is not unusual for athletes. However, just anybody else is susceptible to ending up with abrasions.

Usually, abrasions take 5 to 10 days to heal, depending on its severity as well as the immune system of the individual. The scrape on the skin is usually accompanied by redness, itchiness, burning sensation and sometimes inflammation, too. In some instances, there is no bleeding. The site of injury may sometimes ooze clear fluids.

There are many home remedies for abrasions that help ward off infections as well as promote healing. Below you will find some of the steps that you may take if you happen to end up with an abrasion. Do bear in mind that you should get medical attention if the signs and symptoms fail to subside after two weeks.

Clean the Area Right Away

An infection can be put to a minimum by springing into action right away to have an abrasion cleaned. The best way to do this is by washing the area with antibacterial soap and water. Afterwards, thoroughly dry the abrasion and apply a thin layer of skin antibiotic on it. You may cover the abrasion afterwards with clean gauze.

Daub Raw Honey

You can attain relief from the unfavorable sensations that usually accompany an abrasion with the help of raw honey. All that needs to be done is to have the said syrup generously applied on the abrasion. If a jar of manuka honey is present at home, the better! Manuka honey is revered for its superb ability to kill off microbes and prevent infections.

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Apply Aloe Vera Gel

Having aloe vera in your garden means that you have quick access to an excellent home remedy for minor skin injuries like abrasions each and every time. The gel found within the leaves may be applied on the affected area to help relieve both pain and inflammation, as well as to keep an infection at bay. Aloe vera gel also helps prevent scarring.

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Gently Massage Coconut Oil

Just like aloe vera gel, coconut oil also possesses soothing properties that can help banish the unfavorable signs and symptoms of an abrasion. It also has the ability to zap microbes, thus preventing an infection from striking. Keep applying coconut oil even after the skin has healed in order to keep unsightly scarring at bay.

Make Turmeric Paste

Adding a few drops of water to a teaspoon of turmeric lets you come up with a special paste that can help you attain relief from pain and inflammation that an abrasion usually brings. Aside from this topical method, you may also utilize turmeric internally — simply dissolve a teaspoon of it in a glass of warm milk, and drink before going to bed.

Strengthen Your Immunity

Last but not least, it’s also a good idea to have your immunity strengthened. This will help facilitate the healing process of an abrasion. You can bolster your immune system by having well-balanced meals, and especially including foods in your diet that are rich in vitamin C. Smoking should be stopped and alcohol consumption should be limited, too.

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