Completely Unknown Effects of Too Much Sun on the Eyes

We all know that too much sun can cause the area around the eyes to become rough, dry and wrinkly. It’s exactly for this reason why many of us don a pair of sunglasses outside. Well, did you know that this habit for beauty and fashion is also something that can help keep at bay many other ill effects of the sun on our peepers?

Yes, there are so many other nasty things that too much sun exposure has on the eyes other than cosmetic ones, and most people are not actually aware of them.

So if you want to know some of the reasons why you should wear a pair of sunglasses every single time you step foot outside your home or office in the middle of the day, read on. The following are some of the effects of getting too much sun on the eyes that not everyone has heard or read about:

Eyelid Cancer

Yes, there is such a thing as eyelid cancer, and it accounts to 5 to 10 percent of all cases of skin cancer. Because the skin around your eyes is very thin and sensitive, it is prone to developing cancer when exposed to a lot of sun. One type of eyelid cancer, which is basal cell carcinoma, can even spread to the surrounding areas.

Conjunctival Cancer

Aside from eyelid cancer, too much sun hitting your eyes may also leave you with conjunctival cancer, which is cancer affecting the whites of your eyes. It is said that conjunctival cancer was once rare, but these days more and more people are suffering from it mainly because of the depletion of the ozone layer.

UV Keratitis

Put simply, UV keratitis is sunburn of the cornea, which is the transparent structure covering the front part of your eyes. Also known as corneal sunburn, it’s something that can cause signs and symptoms such as bloodshot eyes, excessive tearing, pain, sensitivity to light and blurring of vision. Eye experts say it may cause loss of vision, too.


Many people associate cataracts with aging. While that’s very true, did you know that getting too much sun can also put you at risk of having cataracts even if you’re still young? According to specialists, about 10 percent of all cases of cataracts can be blamed on direct exposure of the eyes to the sun.


Another eye issue that is commonly linked to aging is glaucoma. And just like cataract, your risk of having it at an early age can be considerably increased if you fail to shield your eyes from the sun. Glaucoma can actually lead to blindness as the increased pressure in the eyes can damage the optic nerve which transmits information to your brain.

Surfer’s Eyes

Despite of the name, surfer’s eyes can affect anyone who fails to protect the eyes from the sun, not just surfers. The medical term for this is pterygium, and one of its primary causes is too much sun exposure. It can disfigure your eyes because it causes the growth of pink tissue on the conjunctiva, and it may at times affect vision.

JUST A FEW TIPS BEFORE YOU GO: The best pair of sunglasses to wear in order to dodge the effects of too much sun on the eyes is something that has UV protection. Also, opt for one that’s large and features a wrap-around style to really have your peepers safeguarded very well from the UV rays given off by the sun. And by the way, the use of tanning beds can also put you at risk of the aforementioned nightmares concerning your eyes!

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