Common Underarm Problems and How to Solve Them

You cannot hide your deepest and darkest underarm secrets forever. So to spare you from the burden, below are some of the top tips from dermatologists on how to put an end to some really common underarm issues.

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Excessive Sweating

The body is a well-oiled machine — it is equipped with tools that can help it run as smoothly as possible. For instance, it sweats in order to keep its core temperature cool, thus fending off any overheating-related problem.

Unfortunately, some people simply sweat a lot more than others. Some of these sweaty people tend to persipire more in the underarms, something that can wreak havoc to one’s self-confidence.

The good news is it’s something that can easily be remedied. Dermatologists recommend the use of over-the-counter antiperspirants that contain aluminum hydroxide hexahydrate.

So many home remedies are available for sweaty armpits, too. Some of them include taking a shower more often, putting on loose-fitting clothes that are white and out of cotton, and avoiding hot beverages and spicy foods.

Underarm Odor

More often than not, underarm odor goes hand in hand with excessive sweating. But then there are instances, too, in which perfectly dry armpits can give off an unflattering smell.

One of the best ways to fend off underarm odor is paying close attention to your hygiene practices. Regularly taking a shower, applying a deodorant and always putting on clean tops are some super effective solutions.

It’s also a good idea to mind what you put in your mouth. Spices such as onions, garlic, curry and others are notorious for causing body odor. The same is true with alcohol and processed food products.

There are cases in which a medical condition is behind smelly armpits, and metabolic disorders are the usual suspects. Needless to say, a trip to the doctor’s clinic is recommended.

Chicken Skin

A very common reason why a lot of women steer clear of wearing sleeveless tops is having chicken skin in the armpits. Most especially in harsh lighting conditions, it’s something that can cause a lot of embarrassment.

Dermatologists say that one of the reasons why chicken skin happens is the pores end up clogged after plucking underarm hairs. So it goes without saying that women who pluck and wax are at risk of it.

The solution is to stop reaching for those tweezers as well as at-home waxing kits. It’s a good idea to opt for some other ways of removing underarm hair, such as shaving and laser use.

In some instances, chicken skin is due to the use of harsh personal care products. Especially if you have sensitive skin, you might want to try switching to soaps and deodorants with milder formulations.

Regularly exfoliating skin in the armpits can also help deal with chicken skin. If you’re overweight, it will help a lot if you get rid of those excess pounds.


So many women are hiding in the dark due to their dark underarms. There are a bunch of things that can cause such very common cosmetic problem, and identifying the culprit can help in finding the perfect solution.

If it’s due to harsh chemicals found in most personal care products, then switching to those that contain nothing but all-natural ingredients is a wise move.

Sometimes dark skin in the underarms is due to friction, and this is usually the case with women who are overweight or obese. To help keep friction at bay, getting in shape is the solution.

The use of ill-fitting bras and tight-fitting clothes can also cause unnecessary friction. Needless to say, it’s a good idea for you to make sure that your undergarments and tops fit perfectly.

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