Common Embarrassing Health Problems You Should Never Ignore

It can be downright mortifying to talk about health concerns that are simply too embarrassing. Besides, there’s the internet we can turn to, saving us from having to tell our darkest health-related secrets to another human being, particularly one with a stethoscope hanging from his or her neck.

Unfortunately, the internet didn’t spend years in medical school. The best person for the job, needless to say, is nothing but a doctor.

Don’t feel too shy to approach your doctor about an embarrassing health problem. Doctors have seen it all, and the one in front of you may have encountered the matter you have hundreds of times already. What may sound so horrible to you sounds absolutely ordinary to an experienced doctor.

Below are some health problems that, despite of being very common, tend to leave those who experience them hesitant to talk to their doctors:

Pain When Doing a Number 2

It can be so embarrassing to talk about problems concerning bowel movements to anyone, from a family member to a doctor. However, it’s very important that you seek the help of a doctor if something is not right every single time that you use the toilet, especially when there’s pain.

The presence of pain or discomfort when moving your bowels can signify a serious digestive issue that needs to be identified and treated.

A Leaking Bladder

Once in a while, it’s perfectly normal for you to pee a little when laughing too hard or experiencing extreme anxiety. But if it’s something that happens all the time, talk with your doctor.

Most people have a hard time talking about things pertaining to down there, and that includes incontinence. Usually, incontinence is a sign that something worth checking is brewing. Just like with most other health problems, early detection and management can help a lot.

Itching of the Anal Area

Another very common health issue that is regarded as taboo by most people is anal itching. If you think that it can be addressed with the help of proper hygiene practices, think again. There are instances in which itching of the anal region is something caused by a serious problem.

Doctors say that anal itching may be a telltale sign of hemorrhoids. In some instances, it’s a symptom of yeast infection. Intestinal parasites are known to cause this embarrassing matter, too.

Lack of Libido

Just because it happens in the bedroom doesn’t mean that it should stay in the bedroom. If it seems like you have no more libido left, consider seeking the help of a doctor.

Having no sex drive is something that needs to be taken seriously. In women, it can be due to hormonal imbalance, which can be caused by a host undiagnosed health problems. In men, it can be brought about be premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Lack of libido may also be due to psychological sources.

Changes in the Nipples

Women, read up — if you notice some changes in the way your nipple looks, make sure that you inform your doctor about it ASAP. More often than not, it is a warning sign of breast cancer. The nipples may also become inverted and have a strange discharge. At times it may have an unusual rash.

Other symptoms of breast cancer worth bearing in mind include a lump in the breast, changes in the size or shape of the breast, and dimpling of the skin in the area.

Excess Hair Growth

If it seems like you are growing more hair on your body than usual, don’t just reach for the razor. What you need to do instead is pay your doctor a visit.

According to doctors, excessive hair growth in women is usually a sign of hormonal imbalance due to a serious matter going on inside the body. One of those is the so-called polycystic ovarian syndrome of PCOS. In some instances, PCOS can cause a woman to exhibit male pattern baldness.

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